The contemporary world is dependent on electricity supply as most of the gadgets and household equipment we have can’t operate for a long time without it. Of course, there are lots of options available, like carrying a small solar panel and expect sunny days to come, but till the present moment, power generators have been the most helpful and reliable. You might need them if you are planning to go camping to distant areas if there is power cut being expected and in loads of other cases when you just cannot use the ordinary socket.

While the kind of equipment is really in demand, there is a wide range of generators in the market. The Wen 56200i is a small inverter generator with a gasoline engine offering up to 2000 watts of energy at the beginning, while the normal productivity is 1600 watts. It is pretty enough for most everyday demands and would be a great choice for an ordinary consumer looking for a reliable source of energy hidden in a small and not so heavy box.


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Technical Features

The generator weighs 48 pounds, the box of it measures 18 x 11 x 18 inches and a convenient handle allows carrying the generator all around. The size and weight are comparably small and make it easy to store the gadget and take it on a trip.

As far as the generator is of inverter type, it works by converting energy from AC to DC and again into AC type. The engine uses gasoline to produce electric energy, it is 75.7 cc and has four strokes. The construction of engine guarantees soft power wave and high safety level for the gadgets you use it for. When you fill up the full tank of the generator and the load on it is 50 percent, it is pleaded that it will work for 7 hours in a row. However, if the production is 2000 watts, the generator will not be able to work the same long time. For example, if you need to power a cooker or an air conditioner, the generator will not be able to work the same long as when you simply want to light a small room. There is actually a direct connection with the amount of fuel you need to have to keep the generator on. The capacity of the fuel tank is 1 gallon, which tells about the high effectiveness of fuel consumption and efficient performance.

Another important characteristic is the level of noise pollution the equipment causes. Of course, noise is present, but in case it is used with 25% productivity in open area, it is no worse than the noise from the street, it is 51 dBA. It is pretty clear that the more power you want the generator to produce, the more noise you will have to bare. It is also crucial where the generator is placed at the smaller space you place it in, the worse it will be for your ears.

It is not problematic at all to use the generator as it features two three-prong 120V receptacles and two 5V USB ports, so it is easy to insert any laptop, smartphone, and other gadgets.

Main Instructions For The Owner

Before you start using the Wen 56200i, it is necessary to check the recommendations for owners on the right operation of the appliance. While the model belongs to gasoline based generators, the usual advice which would help to keep it in good condition much longer is as following:

· Fill in the oil tank taking into account the filling line. The engine oil must be of high quality as it will save the parts from corrosion and other damages.

· The generator should work for about two hours at 50% load when used for the first time.

· Afterwards, the capacity must be increased to 75% and the generator should work like this for about two hours as well.

· Wait till the Wen 56200i cools down completely before starting it again.

· The oil you fill in the generator with must correspond to the requirements and recommendations provided by the manufacturer. It is placed either in the manual or on the tank body itself.

The process of starting the generator and customizing the modes is rather easy and user-friendly. As soon as the product is out of the box, it must be filled in with oil and fuel which meet the requirements of the appliance. Then, it is needed to pull the starting rope slightly for a couple of times what starts the engine of the generator. The modes are easy to change, and everything is evident from the panel and manual, just in case there are some hesitations.

One more vital thing is to provide grounding wire to prevent sudden electrocution. What you need for this is a steel, copper or brass grounding rod and a #12 AWG wire made of copper. One end of the wire is attached to the grounding nut on the front panel of the Wen 56200i, the other end is tightened to the metal rod. Afterwards, the rod must be stuck into the ground.


When buying such equipment, it is always better to check the warranty conditions twice as even excellent manufacturers might have some appliance failures. In case your product breaks down and the warranty covers the case, you will have it mended for free, or the product might be changed if it is initially broken. The warranty for the generator is two years if you purchase it from an authorized retailer. In case you buy from other independent retailers, it is better to check with the company producing the equipment what conditions might affect the warranty.

It is also better to keep in mind that if there are any problems with the stuff, it is prohibited to try to fix it yourself and open the body as it will automatically make warranty maintenance cancelled. Any actions which don’t coincide with the one in the manual are also supposed to be a reason to decline your warranty claim. Thus, if you want to be a happy owner of a good generator, stick to the instructions and take care of its condition, in response you will get a long-lasting portable energy source.