Nicely worth and made the cash, the Concept 2 rower for sale using PM5 is high energy exercise equipment which operates flawlessly, and really is a pleasure to use. Truly this low-impact machine gives a total cardiovascular and whole-body work out, in addition to delivering top calorie-burning movement and participates all muscle groups; workouts, legs and core.

If You’d like the very best of their best check from the Concept 2 Model D using PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Black.

The Concept 2 Model D is a super good piece of exercise equipment that provides a rowing encounter much-like a normal club machine. Everything about this product from its own fit, feel and complete is developed to a very large standard.

Let us Look at the most attractive features of this Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine:

Easily monitor performance information in real time. The built-in Performance Monitor 5 provides high precision and self-calibrates to the most dependable way to keep track of your progress. Multiple workout choices are available, like periods, time and distance. And all performance information isn’t hard to read on the backlit LCD screen.

The Concept 2 Model D is a joy to use and much enjoy the machines used at local gyms. To be able to acquire a terrific all-round grasp of the Concept2 Model D using PM5 Performance Monitor Rowing Machine lets have a peek at the most talked about pros and cons related to the machine.

Expert Review

Likely to be among the best purchases you can create, the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine has a long list of advantages, for example:

What about the Concept 2 Model D is built to create sure it stands up to regular usage.

The sound of this rowing machine is sure to be a significant concern for the majority of buyers. Luckily, that Concept 2 rower is quite silent in actions.

Easily fix the tension of this flywheel to produce the difficulty level high or low. A number of rowing degrees imply this machine may continue to supply the preferred amount of problem even after viewing an improvement in fitness.

Simple to set the rowing machine at the favorite place in the house without having to have it situated close to a socket for those electronics like the screen to get the job done.

Even the Concept2 Model D is extended, but nevertheless low to the floor and won’t require a massive amount of space.


While the chair is fairly comfy, it will begin to feel a little tough in the rear area following a session which lasts 20-30 minutes or more. A very simple remedy to enhance the relaxation would be to present additional cushioning to the chair. A folded towel works good. Alternately, there are lots of aftermarket cushions which will make the chair more comfortable.

The foot strap is not the most attractive (a Velcro strap will be better) and can benefit from being somewhat wider for a few users.

Substantial in size, the Concept2 Model D for sale has a lengthy footprint (9 ft ) which can restrict its positioning. Additionally, for taller consumers at 6’1? or longer — that the stroke might feel strange and too brief.

Concept 2 Model D vs Model E

Concept2 states that the Model D is the best selling indoor rower at the world.One of the grounds that indoor rowers generally are popular is they offer a low-impact approach to work out with less prospect of injury. Additionally, a user may build muscles and get a cardiovascular workout at precisely the exact same moment. The Model D is famous as it’s quite durable and contains a great deal of amazing features.

If they are good enough for Olympic-level athletes to prepare , they may just be exactly what you require to your very own full-body workout. The Concept 2 Models E and D are indoor rowing machines utilized by the professionals. Let us look at the reasons why and determine which model can let you to get fit.

Bottom line

Overall, the Concept 2 Model D using PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower is a strong product and well worth your cash. The gaps between the Concept 2 Model D and rowing machines in the end of this market are tremendous, so it is worth it to go with an excellent rower. It sits in a fantastic elevation and is nicely built with double-powder-coated metallic surfaces to provide several years of reliable performance. Yes this rowing machine is not the cheapest, however you’ll receive your money’s value and get to genuinely enjoy the smooth and professional excellent performance of the model.