standing in front of people doing things loudly

2016 Tour dates coming soon


band humans:
james murphy, pat mahoney, tyler pope, nancy whang, matthew thornley, al doyle, gavin r. russom, david scott stone, phil mossman, j.d. mark, & phil skarich.

booking in the north america:
marc geiger william morris agency
samantha kirby yoh

booking ex-n.a.:
david levy william morris agency

phone: 212 343 0740 fax: 212 343 0630
address: 110 greene st. suite 605
new york, NY 10012

and now look out shibuya

tonite–monday–dj’ing at the trump room… shibuya, tokyo.

look out, aoyama.

basically, i’m (james) going to play some records tonite in aoyama, tokyo. no big whoop. just saying. blah blah blah

the witch of oz

we’re coming, pat and i, to australia and new zealand for dj purposes. just saying. not live. just so everybody’s clear. not a band thing yet. just magic plastic discs with music on them. see to the left. yep, right over there. dates.

this is the kind of high-octane, quality crap you can expect from this here webthing.

basically, the record is still swimming swimmingly, and hopefully coming in april. though that’s not official yet. i mean, what the crap kind of source is this for information? it’s just the band website.

if you didn’t come to the dfa knees up on saturday night, you missed it. snow did not keep people from their appointed rounds. it was, as we say, dope.