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fuck you, scalpers. terminal 5 shows added.

holy shit
this here is just to say that we were more than taken aback and surprised about the speed of ticket sales for the april 2nd MSG gig, as well as the effectiveness of scalper pieces of fucking shit at getting their hands on said tickets before fans could, and it’s knocked us on our asses.
no—we didn’t have a smart paperless ticketing system in place, and no—we didn’t have the pre-sale worked out very well, but this is simply because we’ve never sold anything out so quickly in our LIVES, and certainly never sold out anything as big as MSG. i personally thought i was being bold in suggesting to our manager that we might sell it out “in 10 days”. that was my bold claim. everyone laughed at me. it’s us and liquid liquid. that’s it. we had MEETINGS and MEETINGS about the “other band” we needed to “fill the place”, as we were definitely considered to be nowhere near big enough (most of these bands were, like, way bigger than us, by the way).
we didn’t sell out hollywood bowl, and that was with both hot chip and sleigh bells. there was, i repeat, no expectation of our selling this out either. my main concerns at the time were things like ticketmaster charges—how they were going to make the tickets ridiculously costly… we never dreamed some shitbags would try to get THOUSANDS for our show. it’s insane.
but it happened. we all looked at each other in horror and sat there. i mean, aren’t you supposed to be psyched? your band sold out madison square garden! i live in nyc, and that’s THE PLACE. i saw the jackson’s victory tour there when i was a kid.
but there it was—the shit was gone, and people—not just people, but fucking proper fans—were PISSED. nancy from the band tried to buy tickets. failed. i tried. failed. our best friends—not wanting to hassle us for guestlist spots tried—failed. i bought 2 tickets to my own show for 3 times the value like an idiot to see if real tickets showed up. my family got burned.
it was, to say the least, weird.
we tried getting another day at MSG. i’d mentioned this before and most everyone kind of rolled their eyes at me. “2 madison square garden shows, dude? really?” i thought, well, just in case, you know? maybe some people would fly from other places or something. but MSG, being one of the most popular venues on the planet, was unsurprisingly booked. (for the record: just because it doesn’t look booked on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s available. just saying.)
we tried calling our lawyer about the ticket scalping. “it’s legal”. no joke. it’s fucking legal. i tramped around with friends and band getting insane. i wanted to buy some expensive tickets and then track the seller down to BEAT him. i acted stupid. i did some classic, shakespearean vain “fist shaking”, etc. i made angry tweets. (i’m wondering now what on earth could be less effective and more of a first-world spoiled idiotic move than “angry tweets”? jesus.) i read conspiracy theories about how this was some cash-grab i orchestrated. i read that there are 50,000 seats at MSG (i think our show will have 13k). i read that people had already bought flights, hotels. wanted to bring their kids. waited in the cold. i read that some people thought this was one of the reasons we were calling it quits (check). i read that this was a media stunt we planned. i read very funny comments from my friend aziz, one of which was taken seriously (that MSG had given me 30,000 tickets personally for guest list). i read that i was giving all the tickets to my “new celebrity friends” (aziz is about the closest thing i have to a “celebrity friend”, and we met at terminal 5 watching hot chip when we were, well, not very “celebrated”). i read that we should cancel the show and put the tickets up on sale in a better fashion. i read that we should NOT do that, for fuck’s sake. i read that we should go fuck ourselves.
i read a lot of stuff, waiting to hear if we could get another night at MSG, which seemed like the only option. but it failed. then i kind of sat in my house, trying not to worry for 20 minutes, and made a very, very good coffee.
i don’t know what people think about us, really. i’d love to say i don’t care, but i do. these people in my band—they are my very good friends. i love them very much. i love this band very much. everything about it. i’m very proud of it—of us, and i get defensive when people talk shit about us. i feel like we’ve been able to do something sort of special for 9 years: making music we like the way we like it. going on tour and playing, no computers or bullshit. no in-ears. a bunch of weird substitute teachers just trying to play something like the bands we loved growing up. whenever anyone said shit about us being sellouts or something, it stung, because i consider this entire thing—the band, everything—to be a communication between us and whoever is listening, and not just a thing unto itself. i remember being a fan and seeing bands, thinking “this is us. this is you playing and me/us watching” and how real that connection was, and i always wanted to honor that strange relationship with our band. so when someone felt wronged or hurt or outraged, it stung. it stung because, on some level, regardless of the “you can’t please everyone” stuff that gets rationally said to you when this shit happens, it meant that i’d failed. i’d failed to communicate. on the other hand, i’ve had my world turned upside down by a lot of amazing things people have said about us, or to us. i’ve met fans and made friends, and felt very strongly how that relationship actually works—and how we brought ourselves, each other, finally here, to where we play our last show—and biggest show ever—together, at this amazing place.
and then, this fucking ticket thing happened.
so to the point. you can’t make everyone happy, and i’m sure this will wind someone up somewhere (“but i paid $600 for one seat at MSG!!!) or seem like some shitty “plan” to someone else (“they were gonna do it all along!!! it’s all a big retirement money plan to bilk the fans!!!”) or something else that someone who theoretically likes our band thinks (why are you trying to buy a ticket?? how could you even listen to a band that you think is capable of some of this shit!??) but we’ve come up with the best solution i can think of, as quickly as possible so as to deflate the market for those scalping scumfucks.
we’re going to play 4 shows at terminal 5 in nyc leading up to the MSG show, and they will include most if not all of the songs we play at MSG. the farewell run-up to the last dance. it’ll be the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of march. OBVIOUSLY we’re going to look seriously at the way we sell these tickets. not “paperless, (i’ve been advised that the “paperless” thing is apparently now ILLEGAL in NY… seriously—don’t ask me) but there are some ideas floating around that could be just as effective (though it’ll take a minute to get folks in the door.)
we’ll announce the shows officially early in the week, and tickets will be on sale soon after. we’re announcing all the shows at once, and if they don’t sell out, i don’t care. i just want to give people who actually want to see us a chance to see us. for a reasonable ticket price. and i want to drop the price of the MSG tickets being sold by piece of shit scalpers.
oh—and a small thing to scalpers: “it’s legal” is what people say when they don’t have ethics. the law is there to set the LIMIT of what is PUNISHABLE (aka where the state needs to intervene) but we are supposed to have ethics, and that should be the primary guiding force in our actions, you fucking fuck.
and to everyone else: thank you. you rule. don’t let the shitbags win.
i feel like conan o’brien.

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294 comments to fuck you, scalpers. terminal 5 shows added.

  • We can help with that.

    And yes, FUCK them. Nice regroup.

    You rule.


  • sara

    thank you mr.murphy.

  • OsoDeChocolate

    Much respect. Me and friends are flying from Florida to see the NYC show, regardless of if its @ MSG or wherever. Classy move.

  • Mark Johnson

    No. Thank you. Thats all I can say right now. Regardless of all the bullshit that went down over the last week, you guys are doing whatever you can to make it right. And that counts for something. Everything. Thank you.

  • Kyle

    Thank you so fucking much! Flying up early now!

  • Brett

    you’re a hero

  • Rhys L

    James, you’re a legend.

    I wish I had the finances to travel to NYC for one of the shows. I got so ridiculously excited from your show at Big Day Out in Adelaide that I was bouncing around afterwards and my friends actually thought I’d taken something illicit. Simply high from your show (although I do wish it was longer… I’m sure there were reasons).

  • T.S.

    I love and appreciate you so much, James Murphy.

  • JC

    James, talk to Trent Reznor. He had an elaborate system for the final NIN shows that seemed to work pretty well. Although maybe what they did is the illegal-in-N.Y. paperless process that you mentioned.

  • Kip

    James, I commend you and the band for looking for ways to combat the plague that is ticket scalping. As someone who followed phish for some time, scalpers have always been the bane of my existence. I hope this plan works for you and the fans and who knows, perhaps I’ll be able to make it down from Boston for this monumental event after all.

  • Kyle

    I love you. So fucking much. Looks like I’m flying up early.

  • NotTheOnlyRosan

    Trying to make things right. You rock, sir.

  • Andrea

    And this is why I love you guys!!!! You are all amazing

  • A

    Great piece, well said. It’s clear you care about the real fans (and hate the scalper scum!). The terminal 5 gigs sound like a good idea, I hope they screw the scalpers. Good luck with the gigs.

    P.S. Saw LCD in Dublin last Nov and you guys were awesome!

  • Thanks so much you guys. It was heart breaking reading some of the comments in the poll I posted today, and things just seemed wonky from the start…the stories, the disappointment, the people spending an arm and a leg to be there. I’ll be happy to spend an evening at Terminal 5 with you all. If you all want access to the poll just send me an email.

  • jim

    it won’t quite be the same without the “choir, string and horn sections, and lots of special guests” that Pitchfork mentioned, but it’ll do. love you guys, can’t wait to see you

  • Jeremy

    This honestly has nothing to do with you James or your band. This was unforeseen, as you stated, you weren’t expecting a massive Elton John type reaction to sell out in five minutes then have the big, hip rock radio station rig it for you to have a three night stand. The blame game in the end, is a moot point and a shitty one. Fact of the matter is, you have good people and good friends in that band that work hard, create really grand music and want to share it with those that give a shit. You could have gone all ego rock star and taken every fancy high tech precaution in the world but you didn’t and it’s a dead point to beat into the ground. Celebrated or not, big or not, you’re a good guy, you try hard, you mean well, you have amazing skills and amazing taste. I can understand the frustration, anger and disappointment of those that booked hotels, trips, time off and are making it a family trek, but in the end,everyone needs to realize you’re just as much in the victim chair as they are. I’m not able to attend, no money and California is a long shot away, but even at that, I still wouldn’t be pissed, I know the ins and outs, I know people are schlubs and love to make bank off of others that seem aloof, whatever. In the end, you and the DFA are pretty killer people and I’m only one person ranting support and thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done, and I seriously hope the Terminal 5 shows and MSG gig go off without a hitch, you guys deserve it. Cheers James.

  • Morgan

    Well said. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  • KearyPhilly

    Thank you, sir. Thank you a million times over.

  • Julia

    Thank you, coming from Austin, Tx & was ready at 9:59am and couldn’t get through. Broke my heart, but you just made it better!! See you in NYC!

  • thank you. very awesome of you guys!!!

  • Timbo

    seems like the best option. thank you for thinking of the fans.

  • Jesús

    Mierda, te amo James Murphy.

  • Carly

    thanks james, thanks lcd soundsystem for making 9 years worth of great music and for being you, I no this isnt your fault, plus now I might get to see you guys 5 nights in a row =) this sucks it happened to you, some people will always try and bring you down, but karmas a bitch and the scalpers will get fucked over one day.
    The best never leave quietly, and if you ever want to come back we’ll still be here.

  • Josh D.

    hang in there. Your (true) fans will come. I’m planning on being there with friends from Arizona, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Virginia (me). Once this was announced, our anticipation of a reunion surrounded by your celebration was too perfect.

    Guess what? Despite this debacle (managed 4 out of 8 needed tickets), we’re still coming to NYC to celebrate with your ass. Yes, we like you that much. Yes, none of us (we’re all 30 something music lovers who have been to hundreds of shows) have never seen anything like this. Nobody could have anticipated this shit. No worries, we’ll still be there and we’ll still celebrate life.

    My only question is do I bring my 10 year old daughter who is only starting discover the magic of LCD, hot chip, TV on the Radio, YYY, Wolf Parade ie all of daddy’s weird music?

    She won’t know of the ticketmaster/stubhub bullshit. Instead, I hope she will discover the magic that great music has to transport her ‘dad’ into a goofy teenager. I hope that she can see the innocence and purity of a group of like minded strangers being transported by those on stage. I hope she see the unity of friends who travel great distances to the great NYC to share in this experience.

    I fully expect a celebration of friends, music, NYC, and all that is right in the world, not wrong. This is just a speed bump.

    Don’t let the bastards bring you down, brother.


  • Cody

    You guys are incredible. Don’t listen to anyone who is spreading shit about the way you’ve handled this. It’s obvious that you really care. Most people would say they sold out MSG and not give a shit about the circumstances. Thank you. Hopefully I’ll see you at Terminal 5.

  • I’m so sorry this happened! (Or rather, I’m not sorry because it wasn’t my fault; I’m saddened)
    I just wanted to leave a note and say that at least 2 tickets to MSG were purchased for/by legit, legit fans. This summer I was lucky enough to see your band at Pitchfork, and I and one of my classmates were so excited to see the news about your last show (well, mixed feelings, but excited about the show itself) so we logged on right at 10AM on Wednesday to buy our tickets. We did have some trouble but I got through and purchased a pair (at the original price) – and we’re planning to make that 4-hour (one way) drive on the 2nd.
    Just heard about the ridiculous scalping fiasco, and as I’m not on Twitter I wasn’t able to respond to your message. For what it’s worth.

  • Dear James,
    My friend Elisa and I skipped the second half of our school day today to buy some tickets for the April 2nd show(we’re seniors in high school). We planned on going to the show with about 14 of our friends. We’re from Rochester, NY so it would be a great road trip. The whole time ticketmaster wasn’t working, and we both knew something was seriously fucked up, which sucked. But we knew you guys wouldn’t let this shit happen without doing something about it. We understand the connection with the music, going to this concert would be the culmination of our high school experience for fuck’s sake. I just wanted to say that despite all of the anger and frustration, we could never blame this shit on you guys. We’re just happy to have the opportunity to dance our faces off at the end of our senior year before we all start life. While about half of our friends got tickets and the other half didn’t, we’re still probably going to go and i think it will all work out. who knows, we may have to miss a few more days of school leading up to the concert to fit everyone in!
    This is all i could spit out after a stressful day on the internet.

    Love, Cecily

  • Kurt Danielson

    You guys are so fucking rad. Tried all day to buy tickets, plan on flying out from Cali if I can get a ticket to any of the shows. Fuck the scalpers.

  • Thanks so much James! I saw you in Toronto last year and I must say, best concert of the year by far. Definitely be seeing you guys at Terminal 5.

  • Brian Fritsch

    Thanks James,

    can’t make it to NYC from Iowa during the week, but will definitely wait it out and hope that the ridiculous scalper prices will come down a fair bit and then try to make it out. Wish I would have seen you in KC with Arcade Fire (somehow missed it) or Milwaukee w/Hot Chip (too close to election day, I work for democratic congressmembers), but I love you guys very much and in fact, am hard pressed to think of a band that represents what I love about music more than you do. Will do my very best to make it otherwise I know I will regret it.

    My very best,
    Brian Fritsch

  • njikolai

    YOU rule. thanks. i’ll be seeing you in chile in a couple of weeks, thanks for all the music and happiness

  • Agnes

    thank you,really appreciate your effort and solution,have a great weekend.

  • Dear James, you rule. Btw., you could always move to Denmark. Here ticketscalping is illegal :)

  • Glenn Behan

    I love you James!!!! Thank you, we’ll be there at least the 28th and hopefully another day…

  • Eoin

    deadly (means good in Ireland) response

  • JP

    absolutely amazing. Thanks for caring and I hope to score a ticket to one of your Terminal 5 shows.

    Good Luck!

  • Adam

    you are my hero.

  • Lori Meyers

    An idea I have for getting around the scalpers when these next dates go on sale would be to message all your facebook friends right before tickets go on sale using some mass messaging facebook app or something, with a special ticketmaster promo code that you’ll need to buy the tix. But don’t announce that you’re going to require this beforehand. Announce when the tickets will go on sale, then the second they go on sale, ticketmaster will say that the code is required and to get it check your FB messages.

  • Don’t let the shit bags win. Cancel the MSG show.

    If you are seriously pissed about people taking your $65 tickets and selling them for $40,000.99 then cancel the show. You knew when you got in bed with TicketMaster and MSG for your “lastever” show that the secondary market for those tickets would be astronomical, and that is why you had the show there, because you get a % of the secondary market. If you really wanted to fuck with the scalpers you could CANCEL THE MSG SHOW.

    Cancel the show. Regroup. Use EventBrite to throw your final show in Keyspan Park, Randall’s Island, or somewhere you can control the gate and verify admission. I’d be glad to volunteer to work one of the door, or anywhere for that matter. Who care’s if it is “illegal” to do paperless ticketing in New York. The ethical thing is to make sure your fans don’t get financially raped because they want to see you one last time.

  • LawAgainstHenry

    I wish you nothing but luck. I saw you last year at Manchester Academy with two of my best friends and I can’t tell you the power of All My Friends that night. The grins on our faces. The connection with our peers.

    My sisters won’t get to experience that. They will hopefully have their own bands that will weird out me and my friends. But I would love to sing out “I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision…” with them. These gigs, thousands of miles and pounds away from us, were never for us, really. They were for the lucky few. Mostly from the place that spawned you. I saw you once and won’t forget it. They have the albums and they will comfort them and empower them and grow old with them. I am glad you have acknowledged us, even if it is the “us” who were shut out of this gig by touts. This is greater than them. I hope all five shows are what the deserve to be. I hope you make it through All My Friends each night without the tears that welled up in me in Manchester.

    For the sake of me and my sisters, I hope one day you change your mind and we get to see you, together.

    Take care.

  • Dave

    This makes it all the more sad that April 2 is the end of the road. Whatever it takes to get up to Terminal 5, I’m going to be there. Thanks for caring about the people who care about the music.

  • Sy P

    Damn! This is refreshing. This sort of thing has happened plenty of times, but this is the first I know of a band taking action (…the pearl jam thing, while good in intent, was not the same). I have been personally burned with fake and over priced tickets and I am sick of it as well. Go ‘head, Man. Take your music back from the scalpers!!!!

  • scott

    I feel bad for you guys..What should have been a monumental feat in LCD history, has turned in to a pain in the ass for you guys….I’ll be at every T5 show and MSG…Fucking cheers motherfuckers….

  • Tim

    appropriate words for the hour. looking forward to terminal 5.

    a fan.

  • paul ramzan

    you are the best.
    saw you all here in australia.
    will never forget it.

  • Jamie

    Thank you, James! Today is my mom’s birthday but it feels like mine :D You couldn’t have improved my day/week/month stuck in the winter in Vermont any more than you did just by all of the caring you did. You rocked us in Burlington in October and I’m so glad I’ll get the chance to see you again before you move on to new projects!
    <3 Jamie

  • Average Joe

    Hey Man – well written. I love your music. I feel like the beats turn to chants

  • Émilie Robidoux

    That’s a great move. I’m very glad i bought my ticket at Madison Square Garden, but a little disappointed that i’ve heard about those shows after i paid 100$ for a not-bad not-good seat. Well, the most important is that i will see you before you leave. I’ve seen you in Burlington, ME, last fall, and i think it was my best show ever. And i saw A LOT (… well i think for my young age) of show. This time, i will drive from Montreal to see you in New York!

    Looking forward to april 2nd!

  • I think this is very brilliant. I love this whole post, and what you have written and how you expressed your feelings. Thank you for the added shows! Fuck those unethical bastards!! :)

  • lisa rubin

    honestly, you’re amazing. as someone who waited in the cold for mercury presale tix, but got nada and then got shut out on twatmaster, this is like christmas morning (or the 1st day for chanukah) whichever you prefer. i can only hope that liquid liquid are the openers at the T5 gigs as well. tasty beats and dancing feets for life! x -Lisa

  • ashton

    You guys rock. Can’t wait to see the scalper prices drop. I hope that your words inspire some of these fuckers to learn some ethics.

  • Kenny

    Nice job, dude. Don’t let the assholes get you down!

  • Mike Johnson

    i’m one of those “piece of shit scalpers”. Welcome to supply, demand, and free markets. Do you bitch about everything else that is sold with a markup from a business that didn’t actually create the product? Because that is most things! Guess what, the economy sucks, jobs are hard to come by, layoffs everywhere. This is how I put food on the table for me and my family. Even if the economy didnt suck there isn’t a lot that I am good at. Not all of us can be talented musicians like you with such a cushy income.

    The only difference between now and 10 years ago is I don’t have to walk the cold streets all the time and can make better money covering more than just local shows. You ever stop to think about the type of people outside venues “scalping” tickets? Do they look really like rich people? Just trying to make some kind of living. Or perhaps maybe your only a humanitarian, maybe you only support the lower classes when it matches your needs/wants/beliefs.

    StubHub has 846 tickets listed and has sold 169 tickets. StubHub is the biggest, best, most prominent marketplace. “Scalpers” always sell on there. So you can bet that is basically all of the “scalper” secondary market. Yes there are listings on eBay, Craigslist, and other ticket sites. Those are mostly all listings that are also on StubHub. The idea is increase exposure. All those independent sites you see are all connected to the same available ticket databases. A “scalper” can post on their site and it’s also posted on the other sites. Site owners get compensated if someone else’s tickets are sold through their site. The only difference between the sites a difference in prices/fees that the owner sets.So anyway, back to StubHub. The best secondary market indicator. The sold+still listed is 1,015 tickets. That’s just under 8% of your 13K seat concert. So the “scalpers” have failed to gobble up a large percentage of tickets.

    Now, does that mean 1,015 fans could have bought face value without scalpers? Yes. However, do you think for your last show there were probably more than $13K fans that wanted to attend? I’d say so. That means there will be people shut out. By bitching about what I do, and wanting to take away my right to resell a good at true market price, you also take away the right of those shut out to purchase a ticket at a price they are willing to pay to see the show they wouldn’t have been able to go to without my quickness on

    Someone who wasn’t able to buy a ticket because they were working at the time of on sale benefits because at least tickets are available later and they can choose whether or not to buy at the prices. If prices are above what fans are willing to sell then they will come down. If a person thinks they cant make the show when tickets go on sale have the chance to buy tickets later on, often even last minute, if their obligations change. Not everyone is rock stars like you that can get hookups if needed.

    Finally, what we do is speculative, it is a business. For every LCD @ MSG there are plenty of seconday market busts. Fans buying on StubHub are able to get below face value tickets for these busts. This includes major artists. For example: Trey Anastasio has shows, including at T5, below face. Happens for many Dave Matthews Band shows. Happened for the U2 shows, Pearl Jam etc. With no “scalpers” fans wouldn’t be able to also benefit when a secondary market bust happens.

  • Daniel

    Hey man don’t let this shit get you down. You’ve made a lot of special music that’s gonna stay with people all of their lives. Don’t let one night taint a great run.

    Your terminal 5 shows are a wonderful thing to do. I hope you guys have a blast.

  • Krysia

    Not a lot of bands are so dedicate to their fans that they have the guts to address the scalper issue! Thanks for this much needed “fuck you” message to those bastards and for sticking up for fans! Cannot wait for this Terminal 5 concert!!!

  • laurie

    murphy – you changed my life. i can not live without your music – it makes me feel alive, think and not think at the same time and nothing else will do. you are genius. tried to get msg tics – no luck. if i don’t get to one of these shows i think i will die. remember the fans love you more than you can ever imagine. best show ever was at the tabernacle in georgia. if this is truly the end for lcd i can only hope you continue to create and share great music forever xxoo

  • wonderfool

    If only I could attend to all these gigs! I really thought about doing something crazy and taking a plane just to be part of all that, but I haven’t been that lucky with the lottery numbers lately! ;)
    Anyway, it’s amazing to see how much you care about your friends, about the band – and specially about the fans. Other bands should learn a thing or two from you…
    great respect for you, James!
    regards from Brazil,

  • C'est La Vie

    I am actually over the moon at this post.
    I am from the UK and will be travelling in the US during the MSG show, which was announced after I’d made my plans, and made me feel the need to change them to factor in this show.

    Then it sold out before I had the chance to buy a ticket.

    Then I got really sad.

    And listened to ‘Someone Great’, got a bit sadder.

    And now the Terminal 5 show’s have been announced.

    If I miss out on this, I will seriously take a step back and re-assess myself.
    You actually made my Glastonbury last year.

  • Zach Stephens

    This is really cool, it means a lot to me, even as just one fan. I was able to see you guys once, when you put up that last show at Terminal 5 last year in May. I loved it, I loved sweating it out, the movement, elbowing people, shouting. The weird thing is, I’ve never felt so close to people I’ve never met in my life before. It should always be about the communication. You’re one of the people in this world that I can honestly say I respect and admire, James Murphy. I respect what you do and how you do it, and I admire that you’re still one of us. I wanted to be there for your last show because I wanted to see you guys end it on your own terms, but honestly this is worth more than the tickets to me. It’s really awesome. I hope the MSG gig doesn’t turn out to be a bittersweet ending to one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in my life so far.

  • krk

    Class act. Now we’ll get to celebrate LCD for a week, and not just one night.

  • Ryan

    Thank you James, for all the effort you put into this mind-fuck of a situation. It’s just the way things are now I guess. I consider myself fortunate that the musicians I like are decent enough people to fight for their fans. We don’t deserve an explanation from you really. People will bitch and moan but we all know what happened. See you and about 9,000 others soon at MSG.

  • thank you for feeling my fustration this morning and in the pre sale …. with in minutes fucking ass holes Much love never stop playing exploring creating!!!!!! all my best – Janelle

  • I hope you really stick it to those guys. I was really bummed about you guys breaking up (or whatever). Like when I heard Chris Farley was dead or something. Really devastated. I know you guys are sick about this MSG thing, but I hope you know a lot of fans surely think the best of you.

    The only time I saw you guys live was when you came with Arcade Fire, and you totally won me over, and became my favorite band by the time “This is Happening” came out. Next thing I know, James is on Fresh Air telling me it’s caput. So it goes.

    I will definitely be sure to follow whatever all of you guys is up to after you move on, and if I can find somebody to make the trip with me (I live in Louisville), I will be at as many of those last shows as I can.

    Hope somebody actually reads this, even if it is just Jay (Just kidding. I love Jay)

    Garett Gillen
    Louisville, KY

  • Conan, I mean James, I love it! Nick and I will buy tickets and have a great time! I love a crazy James rant too, just sayin’.

  • andrew

    right on, james.


    yo eff these nolans/msg/cablevision/ticketmaster scuzlizzards ripping off the fans.

  • rnaitnm

    If you are looking for ways to cut down on scalping, maybe you could follow some methods that other bands have tried. When I saw NIN play in NYC during their “last shows,” all tickets had to be picked up at the venue on the day of, and an ID that matched the name on the ticket was required. They also set a limit of tickets sold per-person. Some scalpers tried to circumvent this by picking up the tickets and then meeting the buyer to exchange them for money. Through this method, though, scalpers could be reported to the band/management in time, and the scalper could be dealt with on-location. Physically scalping tickets is still illegal in NYC (even though scalping sites remain legal somehow), so anyone trying to scalp tickets the day of could be dealt with accordingly.

    This works for fans, as they can go forward knowing that any tickets on sites like Stubhub are not legit, and therefore should not be bought. If someone buys tickets and can’t go, that’s fine, but there would be no reason to sell them above face value.

    To end this ramble with an anecdote, I give you the tale of one of these aforementioned miserable fucks. During that NIN run, there was one guy who was going to the shows, buying large quantities of the limited edition shirts, and then selling them on ebay for large amounts of money. The band was informed by fans, and when he showed up to the Webster Hall show, he was denied access. And since the band had the guy’s name, they could then ban him from the additional upcoming shows. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

  • jonas

    keep on keeping on
    wish i could go to these shows, give it your all!

    greetings from puerto rico~

  • me

    Sweeeet!!!! Thank you LCD!!

  • Nick F

    Thank you for the solution. I’m infuriated, depressed, all kinds of emotions running through me right now.

    Really what’s making me angry is how Ticketmaster is getting away scot-free for this. The press just casually mentions “Oh yeah some scalpers probably got some.” Horse. Shit. I logged on at 11:00:05 EST and I got nothing. Same with thousands of other people. Scalpers are scum, but they don’t have software to buy thousands of tickets in 3 seconds. It takes 10 seconds to get to checkout, for fuck’s sake.

    Remember a few years ago when Ticketmaster got caught red handed scalping Bruce Springsteen tickets for enormous markups? Like fuck they’ve stopped. Scalpers are terrible people, but attacking them is like taking Nyquil to cure a runny nose you got because you have AIDS. It’s ignoring the larger, and much more devastating problem.

  • Breck

    I tried to buy tickets for msg… you’re obviously an honest and well-meaning dude, James Murphy, and I thank you for arranging the shows at terminal 5. Really, I am grateful, and I hope to get a ticket. If I do, I’ll be flying from texas. If not, well, I saw you at bonnaroo last summer and you guys totally rocked it. the LCD project will go down in music history… there’s a consensus when people hear your music that you are just…. “that good”.

  • Wish I lived in NYC. This rules. James has always been a musician that somehow seemed closer to the rest of us than other bands.

  • yes! you guys are awesome! scalpers are the shameless succubi of the live music industry. my friends said they had to pay $140 each for tickets today and that it was ridiculous just getting access to those. i am very grateful and excited that you will be playing at terminal 5! hopefully i will land a ticket for one those as smoothly as last year (i went to the may shows = amazing) and for face value. james, you are music’s conan o’brien.

  • ILeftMyHeartinSanFrancisco

    Honest, honorably and naively said, James. You remain the man! The Best Coast would welcome a Last Waltz here too. You told us at The Fillmore last June that you’d be back twice again. We only saw you once thereafter and you’ve broke our hearts. Remain a man of your word. One word…FOX.

  • Justin

    Fucking right!! That’ll take the piss out of them.

  • Stevie

    YAY ! Sounds rad. Shits sucks man, ain’t your fault. Cheers !

  • Kyle Garrett

    I respect everything you said James, and I just wish I could be there for one of the Terminal shows

    You were all amazing the times I saw you the past, and I know these last 5 shows will be fucking incredible

    I would say “good luck with everything”, but you don’t need it – you have it all under control!

  • Sharon

    I am one of these fans seriously considering flying out there. Thank you for this.

  • Anthony

    Paper tickets is rad but can you please please please make it
    Available for me to buy online from ol’ Vancouver Canada?

  • Sam Elliott's Mustache

    Thank you so much for adding the extra shows. I had planned on setting up some craigslist stings in which i would agree to pay large amounts of money for the tickets and then showing up dressed as a gorilla and then proceeding to beat these scalpers till their eyes bled.
    thank you for saving me a trip to jail.
    you guys are the best. congrats on everything and i look forward to following the next artistic steps of each of you.

  • sarah

    fyi – i have seen this stunt pulled before (flight of the conchords with, interestingly, aziz ansari opening.) in that case, it was the production company who was behind it. they allotted a small percentage of the tickets to ticketmaster and the rest went to stubhub. none were available at the box office. my friends and i were unable to get seats together; we each had to purchase singles and sit apart from each other. this was within 15 seconds of the tickets going on sale online. at the same moment, they were available on stubhub for 5-10x the price.

  • Joanna

    Thank you James.

  • Shazneen

    Your absolutely heart felt post really hits home with me!
    Your music, the bands’ music changed my life forever!
    And it continues to do so each time I hit play. Scalpers or not, paperless or not, you have given something to the world which is so priceless and unique that no words can do justice to it ever.
    I believe all your Terminal 5 shows will sell out plus a packed house at MSG.
    I wish I was there to see LCD say goodbye..
    Stream it live or something for those all the way across the globe. :)
    Love and Light from Bombay, India

  • Been thinking of doing the same thing Marianna, james is definitely one of the good guys!

    Regards from Vancouver

  • marissa

    Wow! That was quite the rant but I think I am speaking for many of your fans when I say it was appreciated. Thank you for adding the extra shows, that was super!

  • Alex

    I can see why you feel like Conan O’Brien right now, which you have all the reason to feel like that. These scalpers…fuck, they’re shitty pricks. I’m glad you accomplished a brilliant plan for all of your fans to get the chance to see you. I congratulate you with all your success with LCD. Your music will never be forgotten.

  • papavb

    I cannot imagine how it must feel for something like this to happen at your last and biggest show. I’ve always felt you guys were what we saw and heard — as is– so I’m really fucking pissed on your behalf at these unscrupulous douchenozzles and the torrent of nonsense they helped to spawn. I am closer geographically to you all than marianna from brazil, but I still cannot make what seems like a fantastic party due to health and pecuniary reasons, with a band i not only love but respect so much . i also think that people — as you hinted– who are true fans wouldn’t doubt your probity for one second, i’d never suspect you guys of being in it for the fucking money — your music is too good to allow time for such schemes. anyways I’m rambling, but I want to thank you and your merry collection of talented friends for rocking so goddamn hard for three great albums, and for a wonderful show at bonnaroo last year, i’m sorry about your stomach problems i read about on pitchfork — i have them too :( . you have been the most wonderful exit on the music highway for me since i discovered spoon. and to add to all of this great positive influence, you’ve inspired me to pick up an instrument at 22 and maybe do something with it… you’ll be happy to know it’s the bass guitar.

    thanks again james, i love your band and what you stand for!!!

    papa from senegal, via indiana

  • Thanks for doing this. I’ll see you guys at Terminal 5.

  • steadyriot

    legit. wish i could go during the week

  • Matt

    You are awesome for arranging this!

  • KP

    Thanks, JM. I never expected less, and you always deliver more. I’ll see you at Terminal 5 like I did the last time you were there, maybe more than once, and I’ll be fulfilled. All the best.

  • chuxander

    hey, you guys rock. and you will be missed. and people are justified in getting all angry and shit, but you shouldn’t take it personally. they just wanna see you real bad. which any of them who want to real bad, and were originally able to, will now be able to, it seems.

    i don’t at all like the fact that you guys are throwing in the towel, but i totally respect and understand it on some weird level. no mid-career slump, and all that. godspeed, and here’s hoping you trent-reznor-it-up at some point (pssst… WINANOSCAR!!!)

  • Well said. Thoughtful and intelligent response to the craziness that is ticketing in America (NYC in particular).

    I bet you could make a song from that post…but I digress.

    As a New Yorker, I was pumped when I found out about the MSG show. (Yeah Facebook for providing me with something useful for once!) But like many others, I was shut out. I never posted anything nasty and I knew better than to blame you guys, but I was bummed. I think your answer is amazing and while I’m tempted to buy tickets to every one of the lead up shows — I think that might defeat the purpose of getting as many to people to see you guys and say farewell as possible.

    Thanks for everything! Hope to see you guys in March!

  • Dear James and Co.

    Its things like this that really seal the deal with LCD Soundsystem for me. You guys are my favorite band of all time and I’ve only had the opportunity to see you all three times (lolla 07, roo 10, tabernacle @ atl 10). I didn’t get my hands on a pair of tickets through TM for MSG and ended up shelling out $410 for two via stubhub. Regardless of how much more I had to pay, I know its going to be fucking worth it. This respect that you all have for your fans is unprecedented and the music you all make is, without a doubt, the best. I don’t care what it costs to be at your alls’ celebration of the end of your band, I will be there. Thanks a million for being a shining light in the recording industry and some incredibly talented and thoughtful musicians.

    Seriously, from the bottom of my (and I’m sure the rest of your hundreds of thousands of fans) heart, Thank You. Nancy looked at me and smiled @ bonnaroo in the middle of me screaming the lyrics to “All My friends” and it made my year.

    I can’t thank you all enough. Cannot wait for April 02, I’ll see you there.

  • mr mojo risin

    thank you for this. i have been a fan since the first track on the first album, and was saddened yet super excited when you announced the final LCD show. obviously, those fucking scalpers ruined any chance i had to attend the msg show. this shows how much you genuinely care for your fans even at the of LCDs run. i went from not knowing what the hell was going on this morning to planning my road trip from indiana to see you at terminal 5. fuck scalpers it’s Us v. Them.

  • Those angry tweets you made exhibited more concern for your fans than any kind of first-world-problem petulance. You know what it’s like to be a fan, and you made that abundantly clear. Thanks for everything.

  • Thank you James and the gang. You are all are true class acts in a world of shit-stacks. I appreciate you guys to an endless degree. I have fought those scalping twats for years of my life now, I would love to see them all get screwed on the MSG show. You should almost just straight up cancel it with no refunds! Fuck the scalpers!!!

    Love you guys

  • yes. yes. yes. stick it to the mon…guh-nosis. thanks for adding those extra shows, james. hopefully i can fly into NYC and catch one of em.

  • steve.

    you are my hero.

  • ChuckieZ

    Impassioned!! Great read man. Fucking fucks. It’s always great to see truly special artist, athletes, celebs give back… it truly speaks to a sense of humbleness and appreciation that is in no way necessary or expected.

    A little off topic, but maybe you wouldn’t mind giving us some insight into why your’e going forward with shutting this thing down? After all, its evident how special it is to you, and clearly you ‘get it’ and understand how special it is for us. Similarly, what’s the mindset… the motivation, the plan? Is this like a move to permanently change directions and never revisit this material again? I ask because there has been a whole of lot conflicting views on this subject, and I thought it would be better to get it from the horse’s mouth. Ultimately, can we expect to be hearing from you Mr. Murphy in some musical capacity in the future?

    See you in March…
    Chuckie Z

  • Alex

    Thank you, James. This is awesome.

  • Hailey & Otto

    We wish could be in NYC for at least one of your final shows. (Saw you for the first time last summer in the Washington Desert, you guys kicked A**)

    Thanks for taking care of your fans. It means a lot, and I really hope this isn’t the absolute end of your music careers. Good luck and Godspeed.

  • Sean

    Kudos to you guys for doing the stand up thing and making the best out of a shitty situation. It’ll be an epic send off for the band and your legacy, and I look forward to seeing your endeavors in post-LCD form. I won’t be able to make it to NY for the finale(s), but will see you guys in Buenos Aires in a few weeks. Perhaps get in some quality practice on those never-before played tracks live?

  • Tyler Mann

    Damn the man! Save the empire! Good for you guys, screw those scumbag scalpers.

  • greg m.

    Dear James,

    Will the T5 gigs still be a black and white party? I had a sweet fuckin’ tie picked out for the msg show, but now I HAVE a sweet fuckin’ tie for this terminal 5 show. You’re idea is rad.

  • Thank you. Sorry you had to deal with all this craziness, Dont let this ruin your great accomplishment of selling out MSG, congratulations. And since i cant get to MSG ill absolutely take advantage of the Terminal 5 shows, and being able to see you perform before you guys call it quits, Thank you for this.

    One option to avoid ticket scalpers.

    take a little time to get into the venue but its worth the wait to have your fans there.

  • Blockhead

    Thanks James for this note letting us know exactly what is happening (besides “this”). As soon as I saw the advertised “last show ever” for you guys I said to myself I have to see this, but I was short on money and I was both expecting this to sell out fast, while also admittedly thinking “there’s no way, I can make it ’til payday”. Then, also on an honest note, I just wasn’t sure if the date and cost would be feasible for my college ass but I know if I don’t catch this show I’m going to regret it. I might not make it to The Garden but you can be damn sure I’ll catch you guys somehow. At the very least I’m buying my ticket, even if I can’t make it.
    But I will make it, and seriously thanks just for looking out for those that enjoy listening as much as you enjoy creating. Stand your ground but keep your head together, man. This little note to us fans is great, but it’s going to take probably stunts like bands booking 5 new shows before their last one to make the music biz wake up, if it ever will.

    see you in New York (don’t let it bring you down). best regards,

  • T5 Schweet

    i had a great time reading that. hilarious. real. heartfelt. amazing that you guys have so much care and respect for the fans. looking forward to spending a night with you guys at terminal 5! aziz is hilarious.

  • Sabrina

    Just wanted to say Thanks, James! I got shut out of both the presale & public on sale which left me wondering how much would I have to pay for a decent seat at MSG…and since I refuse to ‘let the shitbags win’ -that meant that I would never be able to see you & the band before you call it quits. As a person who really digs seeing live music & spends my earnings on concert tickets regularly, I really wish something could be done to stop the scalpers from abusing the system. For every ticketmaster public on-sale I have to mentally prepare myself for almost certain frustration & disappointment.
    Anyway, a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! And I’m hoping I will be able to get Terminal 5 tickets now.
    Much love & respect,

  • Danny

    You’re the man Jim! (does anyone call you Jim?)

    Have a toast to the douchebag scalpers- what fuckers.

    I saw you in Melbourne a few months ago. You guys were wicked. Saw The Strokes the next night, they had nothing on you!

    Tear it up at MSG!


  • allmyfriends

    You brought out the love so now im gonna bring out the love:

    As much as I was(selfishly) excited to be able to get tickets to the one and only last MSG show and to be a part of a special evening. I have no problem with this I think its awesome. You rule, you are dead on in this post and I feel compelled to reach out because you reached out.

    Your music means a lot to me not in the like omgyouaresocoolsignmytits kinda way but honestly it got me through some hard times and some great times. I once did my best to cover all my friends and my voice cut out somewhere towards the last 30 seconds, that is a hard song to sing (props). You guys really did it and you made music that made me joyous and made me cry (the former more than the later) and most of all I think you made it honestly. The hard work shows in the music and the performances ( was lucky enough to be at the music hall of williamsburg shit-show this tour).

    So fuck the scalpers, fuck the haters. your city is a sucker and my city is the greatest. I love the DFA in all their glory and a props to tim sweeney who puts all this awesome music on the radio and helps me learn and discover more awesome electronic music every day (kindof unrelated but this is a ramble so who cares)

  • Jake

    Reading this to my girlfriend outloud made us remember once again how you’ve made a difference to us and millions others – she dragged me to one of your shows at Terminal 5 last year before I knew you and am pumped to say that you shot to the top of my “most played” list shortly thereafter.

    For what it’s worth – your crew should listen to you more about the demand for your show. We all knew from talking to EVERYONE we know who wanted to go that the tickets would be hard to come by. Tough to see people’s propensity for profit getting in the way of a pure, natural, good ol’ time.

    Thanks for making more shows…you can be sure we will be there. If you want to meet us two, die-hard, previously cheaped-out-of-tickets fans, I think my email shows up for you (I had to input it to leave a comment – if not, reply to this and I’ll leave my email in another comment). It would be a pleasure to thank you in person.

    Hope to see you at Terminal 5 from the floor or otherwise!


  • alertocon

    thank you…i was so bummed at not getting a ticket and now i get one last chance to see them live.

    THANK YOU SO !@$%^&*$$ MUCH!!!

  • Tony Thomas

    What a lovely post. I remember seeing you guys play Nokia NYC in ‘95, how fucking great the show was and how shocked and awed you seemed to be about being uptown in such a big space. So many great shows since and now this. Way to take on the bad guys and squelch the fuck outta anything negative from what’s surely gonna be a bad ass party. I’m going to buy tickets to all the Terminal 5 shows my job will let me take off for, and when the MSG ticket prices finally come down to earth because of your blood, sweat and tears skeet shooting, I’m gonna buy a pair of those as well. Because -to paraphrase- I *hate* to see you go, but I’m gonna love to watch you leave.
    XO, TT

  • Peter

    Thank you for being considerate to your loyal fans. My friends and I were planning on taking a bus up there from North Carolina for the MSG show. We were saving up to afford travel and didn’t expect it to sell out so quick as well. But with the new tour dates we will be seeing you at Terminal 5 and hopefully we can get in to MSG for a reasonable price.
    Thanks, Peter Hornung

  • Katie


    You’re the best. I’m an intern at one of the biggest music publications in the WORLD and I couldn’t get my hands on a single MSG ticket. All I wanted in the world was to see this final show, and this post has only upped the ante for me. I’ll absolutely be in the audience at Terminal 5, and I’m still searching frantically for an MSG ticket. Just wanted to thank you for being a stand up guy. You and your bandmates make the music experience so real, because you’re real, normal people- which is refreshing, to say the least. My boyfriend, (who would, I think, give his left arm to be on the floor at MSG,) told me this story yesterday:

    “My parents had tickets to see Stevie Ray Vaughan at Alpine Valley in 1990. The tickets were expensive and the drive was a bit far, so they sold their tickets and decided not to go. Stevie died that night after the show in a helicopter over Alpine Valley, and they’ve regretted not being there ever since. My dad told me never to miss an opportunity like that. LCD Soundsystem is my Stevie Ray Vaughan. We gotta get there.”

    Again, thanks James. You’re a doll, and I can’t wait to spend a reasonable amount of money to support you!


  • winA_Rabbit

    I know you tried to make it better, and im glad that you tried, but I could not be more angry at this situation….i guess really, im disappointed.

  • Zack

    A respectable reaction, but it does sort of sting that I paid as much money as I did for exceptionally mediocre seats (on Ticketmaster, not through a scalper) to see a band I was desperate to see one more time before they broke up only to find that new shows that I can now no longer afford have been added at a place where I’d be able to dance and have a great time. I don’t know quite know what to do with this. I just know that everywhere in Terminal 5 will be a better value than the $62 per ticket I paid for section 333 at MSG.

  • A. Colin

    Well put, Mr. Murphy.

    I certainly do wish you all the best (and I hope those scalped prices come down, so I can get a chance to see you all before you “sign-off”). Sadly, I am out-of-state in grad school right now, so the weekend MSG show fit my otherwise completely ridiculous schedule. And, you can bet that if I weren’t in school in Illinois right now I’d be at Terminal 5 without a doubt.

    Best wishes,

  • james, you are the man. i’m going to try and fly out from la if i cam get my hand on one of those terminal 5 shows.


  • Rob Pratt

    hey guys,
    i think its great ur fighting this for us (the fans). although i think u are worth over $100 to see, i’m happy ur thinking of us hardworking guys and girls. i admit i’ve had the pleasure of seeing you guys at terminal 5 last year, and payed $65 for a ticket from craigslist since all the shows were sold out. and it was worth every penny. i was trying to get a ticket for MSG (although i hate that place) but am very happy to hear ur opening more shows at a smaller venue, especially if this is ur last time around. i hope i get 1 more chance to see what i feel is the greatest music made since the 1980’s! u guys are amazing! thank you!!

  • patrick

    I agree! Other bands and promoters could learn a thing or two from you!

    I’m sad to see you guys go. LCD made so much great music! Maybe after some time away you guys will reconsider and come back to us :)

  • Denny

    I love you guys so much, I was so amazingly pissed busting my ASS to try and get tickets and failing. I saw you guys years back in Boston and you killed it! I can’t wait for the Terminal 5 shows ( I say shows because I will probably go twice!) James what you and LCD do is a beautiful thing and you will always have a place in my heart when you guys peace out. Thank you so much for loving your fans and it clearly reciprocates back to you guys on so many levels. You are beautiful wonderful people and get me MOVING every god damn time! Shit! I smile just thinking about it! You guys are great I can’t get over it. I remember hearing your first release in my car on my way to class back in 2006 and was just like holy fucking shit these guys are so great! Because of your music I’ve become so engrossed in the funky dance rock out stylings you have seduced me with and have forever changed my music taste for the better. MUCH MUCH LOVE, I can’t say it enough.


    Denny from Boston

  • babyjujuman

    thanks for being fun and thanks for being real.
    missed you in orlando. from the looks of this,
    i’ll probably be lucky to ever see you.
    i found your music in the local library.
    shared, free knowledge is imperative.
    my gal & me live in South St. Petersburg, FL.
    as stupid as this may sound to an artist who
    requires a larger arena,
    please play the smallest spaces possible!…
    i think re-localization is a positive vector.

  • don’t beat yourself up James, you’re a really good person* in a shitty situation. scalping sucks and i wish there was something to be done about it but until each of our governments does there not much you can – as an artist – do.

    you’ve always conducted LCD in the most moral way. Be proud and play a great gig. I wish i could be there, but i’m in England.

    *I say that cos i interviewed you for a feature and you helped me out so much and when we’ve met you’ve been lovely.

  • From this position I totally get how the decision was reached.

  • Right-fucking-ON, James. Best of luck to you and the band in everything you do in the future, and thank you.

  • Deborah

    That was incredible. You may feel like Conan O’Brien, but you sound like Bob Lefsetz. But cooler (of course). Thank you for your anger and for your resolve. The whole scalping debacle is an endless travesty to fans. I recall No Doubt attempted a well published ’scalper-proof’ ticketing system a couple years ago whereby they were sold via their website and the tickets had the buyer’s name printed and you had to show ID at the door. Must’ve helped a little.

    Thank you for the added shows…I did book a flight in already and was dismayed at only getting one ticket at MSG. After being in front at your insane Hollywood Bowl show, it was a bummer to never see a GA ticket surface at MSG. Can now attend Thurs with bells on and hopefully with friends.

  • you’re fucking awesome James.

  • tom

    You rock so fucking hard. Thanks!

  • Derek

    James, you seem like a sincere guy. I’m glad that I’ve followed LCD for these past years.

  • Kristina Montgomery

    I love you. I am one of those angry fans, but I totally assumed it was and blamed those fucking fuck scalpers. You are awesome for actually giving a shit about your fans like this. I so hope I can get tickets to one of the Terminal 5 shows. I might die a little inside if I don’t get to see you before you stop. All the love,


  • Nicholas

    Hey guys, listen…
    Fuck all of this noise. I considered going to MSG and was disappointed to see that it sold out (I was even further disappointed to see the reason why it was sold out so quickly), but, fuck it.
    I’ve got your records and the magazine articles and the youtube videos and whatever else. In the end, that’s all that really matters.
    This may be your last live performance but… (if I may be so bold/cliche/corny-as-fuck)… the show lives on every time we go to the ‘L’ section of our iPods and let your songs run out of our headphones and into our hearts. Whether it’s one song, or 3 albums, during that time you guys come to life in our imaginations for a show that nobody else in the entire world can get tickets to except us.
    That shit NEVER dies.
    (Okay, I’m done with the tearjerker moment. My most sincere apologies to the eye-rollers in the back.)
    Yeah, it’s a bummer. Everyone who bought and fell in love with your music probably wishes they could be there to send you guys off with love and good wishes, but, unfortunately, that’s life.
    You guys made dance music for lonely people, so, on behalf of those lonely people, bopping their heads to “All My Friends” while day-dreaming of better days on their way home from work, we thank you.
    We needed you because we just couldn’t level with what Lady Gaga and Beyonce were singing about, and you came through.
    Fuck the Garden and fuck the scalpers.
    We have your music, and scalpers can’t touch that.

    Most sincerely,

  • max stevens

    thanks for looking out for us, james.

    don’t let the frustrated tweets fool you, we all have nothing but love for you and what you do.

    all of your friends and all of your fans will be there to send you off, now- thats all i want :)

  • lcdmsgbound

    hey james, i guess i was one of the lucky ones, i purchased msg tickets though the pitchfork pre sale – it was crazy that i got them- maybe sheer will. I said to myself that I would go if able to get tickets at face value. I live in Michigan and had to figure out travel and everything for my wife and i. it all came together like magic. just wanted to say how much i am looking forward to msg, how special it will be. you and your band have made amazing connections and i am so thankful to be able to be there with you guys to celebrate that. Much love and light
    See you in April,

  • Christina

    I actually got really lucky today and I was able to get tickets! I can’t wait to see your final show. I was fortunate enough to see you guys play at ACL in Austin this fall and ya’ll were amazing! My friend wasn’t lucky enough to get a ticket though :(.

    I looked on Stubhub where scalpers sell their tickets and they only have 860 tickets on there. If there was 13,000 seats then what happened to the other 12,200 tickets? Is it possible that ticketmaster did not release all the tickets? I have heard they hold them back sometime.

  • Kharimah Campbell

    This is awesome.

    I may or may not have made an ebay scalper the victim of a spontaneous rant.
    All for you :)

    See you April 2nd. From the nosebleeds, or wherever.

  • Jason Thomas

    James and Co.
    Just read your latest statement and I’m more in love with you guys now that ever before. When was the last time a musician was this upset and this adamant about trying to fix a shitty situation such as the one we experienced today?

    I don’t know what i’ll do. We (me, my girl, and my bro) will try for the T5 shows but this is getting tough for three people who are a little poor right now. We live in Seattle and I had resigned myself to the fact that if we got tickets today, we’d make it work; if we didn’t, well at least we tried. I did not expect this though. wtf?

    Gonna try really hard to make it to NYC for these last shows. Maybe we can do it, maybe not.

    Thank you for caring so much.

  • Nathan

    Respect. You’re the fucking man.

  • Axel

    This is great fan service! In my books, along with many others, you are a legend James Murphy, but more importantly, you are a nice guy.

  • [...] dispel rumors of an orchestrated ticketing scheme (Bon Jovi style), the band is using twitter and their website to clear the air of any foul play and to keep the fans updated. Following is the entire transcript [...]

  • [...] dispel rumors of an orchestrated ticketing scheme (Bon Jovi style), the band is using twitter and their website to clear the air of any foul play and to keep the fans updated. Following is the entire transcript [...]

  • Heather C

    I love you and your passion for your fans and your music. Its shitty that it happened that way, but just know that if I had the money I’d fly from Seattle just to see you.

  • R E.

    I was able to get tickets by standing in the cold for a few hours…
    for the Terminal 5 shows you should do a lottery thing
    just make people fill out a form, do the lottery, the selected ones get to buy the tickets
    Just an idea
    Good luck! and thanks for adding more shows :)


  • john murdock

    fairwell tour??? please?? south florida? please? we love you, miami fillmore blew my mind. we love you. please come back. one last time. please? please?

  • mixomatosis

    And what about all those none American fans around the world, James?! They haven´t had the chance to say a last goodbye to their favourite band. Are they worth less than the Americans? Millions of people are now crying in their sleep, while dreaming of that last big LCD gig.
    Think about it…..and in case you consider to do after all a world farewell tour (I believe Phill Collins did one!) bring David Bowie with you. We hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye to the lad as well.
    Greetz from Burkina-Faso!

  • tell em why you mad murphy

  • James Murphy, you continue to be the man.

    (… I mean “the man” in the good way)

  • Joe

    You are amazing. Thank you!!!

    I wish every band cared this much about their fans.

    And Conan is in good company.

    Thanks again.


  • Mr. Murphy, and the rest of LCD, I sincerely appreciate and thank you for your work in the band, and adding more dates to this last gig deal.

    I’ve always been unable to see you guys, and being one of my favorite bands, was crushed when I couldn’t get tickets Friday. To see that I will be able to finally see you guys for the first and last time is a huge relief, and I can’t stress how much it means to a shitty little college student in the middle of Florida.

  • abi

    Seriously, you sound like one of the most sincere musicians around. From the music to how much respect you have for your fans. We appreciate your legacy!!!

  • James

    oh wow. awesome post. at first i think “i wish more bands had members that wrote and interacted like this!”, but then i realize that if that was indeed the case, then it wouldn’t be special. this whole fiasco is so weird and messed up, and i waited around the computer forever just to get tickets on wednesday morning just to find that ticketmaster apparently “couldn’t find” any tickets. right when they went on sale. really? then i read all this, and i love what you’re doing and how you’re going about all this. i’d love to drive up for one of the shows at terminal 5, but funds are tight!

    well good luck with all this! i look forward to seeing what the next week brings, with ticket sales and official show announcements and whatnot. LCD Soundsystem has had a phenomenal life and your fans love you, no matter what.

    -James W

  • That’s great. I wish i could fly, walk, run, dance my way to NY and rock w/u guys.
    I’m gonna miss all the part of u being a band, but i’m sure u’ll still be here forever. great things never go and ur the biggest. it’s amazing how much u care for us, the people that dance while u stand up on the stage.
    you’re a genius
    love from mexico

  • Kyle M

    Seriously, James, this letter is awesome. Everyone at my office was trying to get tix a couple days ago, and then again this morning, and nobody got through.

    So we’re happy for the extra shows, and happy to read such a sincere explanation.

  • benny

    F***ing hysterical!! I mean if you really want to please your fans you should just play at Coco’s every Friday for the rest of the year.

  • I flew down to Mexico City from SF a few months ago to catch your show in the dustbowl that is the Hippodromo. Amazing experience. Bummed that you’re calling it quits. I still believe there’s a lot more in the LCD tank. Too bad we can’t make it out to NYC for the shows. Best of luck in everything we hear from you all in the future.

    P.s. livestream the MSG show. Then we’ll at least get a chance to see how it all ends.

  • Kim

    J.Murph: the epitomy of cool! I’m flying out from Los Angeles for this! lot’s of love LCD!

  • Thank you sir! Hope you can relax and enjoy the ride now. Me + 10 friends planed on flying in from San Francisco (treasure island was one of our favorite nights of all time.) We all got up early for both waves of the MSG tickets, none of us where able to land anything. However you end up selling the terminal shows please make sure it doesn’t exclude us dedicated ‘outoftowners.’ :)

    Much love.

  • Rageworth

    Dear James,
    You are the fuckin man and your band is awesome. I agree. Fuck scalpers. Well said/written.
    - From America, with love.

  • I had left the 200-deep presale line at the Mercury Lounge to go try for the Pitchfork presale. (I decided that I really wanted to be in standing room, and so I didn’t purchase one then.) When the general sale seemingly sold out within 15 seconds, I was shocked, but also impressed by the devotion of the fans. For the scalpers to ruin this for you (and us, I suppose) is heartbreaking.

    I’ll be at one of the Terminal 5 shows, and I will have a perfect time. In addition, I hope you guys have a blast. You deserve it.

  • Chris

    All of these problems would be solved if you just recorded another album…..

  • james, you are the man, no question about it. you are one of the true pioneers of this fucked up industry we laughably call the “music business.” you represent everything that is great about music, and lcd will be universally missed by everyone. you were the first “indie” band i ever listened to, and you were the gateway drug into what has led me down the nyc underground. this is where music is. you are the music. three words: down with scalpers (and ticketmaster…effing monopoly). i didn’t get msg tickets :-(…but i am still working hard, still, i am so happy i will be able to share a day with you at terminal 5. i will be first in line. see you in march (and…the gods of music willing…april). ♥ your fans

  • B-b-b-b-but…Terminal Five is our shittiest venue!


    Totally seriously: You totally rock, for caring this much. Don’t get an ulcer, now. <3

  • Fatmir

    WOO LCD comes through for justice! Can’t wait to go c:

  • I saw you at the Hollywood Bowl. It wasn’t sold out, but it seemed sold out. I can’t make it to NYC for the final shows, but this is awesome what you are doing for the people. This was a great read–I liked you before, but now I love you!

  • alyssa

    Beautiful. James, congratulations to you and the band for getting here. You guys have made a huge impact on my life…I know how humbling it is to take praise,but you guys deserve it. Its hard to take steps towards making the world the idealistic place we all wish it could be, but you make a difference in the lives of many people eery day and you should feel good about that. Take care, and good luck in future endeavors. Wish I could have been friends with you…I think we’d get along famously.
    Love, appreciation and respect to all.

  • I love you and I love LCD Soundsystem and I hope that I get tickets to one of the Terminal 5 shows but even if I don’t, I have excellent memories of your show in Philadelphia last September and I’ll be okay and so will everyone else. but thank you for being so great.

  • Jordan Mainzer

    I don’t know whether you will read this, but your band means a great deal to me. I have seen you live twice, both times this past year, which has been pretty rough for me (your shows have certainly been some of the highlights): Pitchfork Music Festival and October in Milwaukee. As disappointing as not being able to get a ticket to your MSG show was, I will still have the memories of perhaps the greatest live shows I have EVER seen (along with Arcade Fire at Lolla 2010, but that’s a different story) along with my favorite performance of an individual song I’ve ever witnessed in person: “All My Friends” at P4K. I sometimes watch that Youtube video to put me in a happy place. Whether I’m able to find tickets to the MSG show or go to terminal 5, all I know is this: you guys are so genuine, you care about your fans, you fucking rock, you are one of the greatest bands of this or any generation, and you will be sure to make a fuck ton of people happy during your last however many shows.

  • Stuart bryant

    You are indeed the dogs bollocks Sir, good stuff !
    We’ll try and turn MSG into the Barrowlands.

  • hamdy

    I waited in the cold for hours and I’m worried that the final show will be forever tarnished. Please make it worthwhile for those of us that did it the hard way.


    P.S. Did you notice on the message boards how many people were releasing their presale tickets because they weren’t good enough?

  • Matt

    I know a lot of other people have said it, but I want to thank you for being a great human being. You give a shit about the music, about the fans, and about being a good person. Not many artists do these days. I wish I wasn’t a poor college student in Indiana so I could come out for one of these last shows, but I’m nonetheless happy seeing how you’ve handled this situation.

  • Mike

    I’m sincerely sorry to hear how this turned out James. It’s fucked up. Regardless, thank you for your music! LCD will always be a special band to me. You created the greatest song of all time for godsakes (”All My Friends”), and for that I’m forever grateful. I can’t wait until I have kids, and when they’re older tell them about seeing you, and they’ll ask me questions in awe about the experience, like people asked their elders about seeing The Replacements, the Clash, Elvis or even The Beatles. You are a legend James. Can’t wait to see what you do next

    Thank you for all the wonderful music and memories you’ve given me,

  • Alex

    Hey I have an idea and please hear me out.

    Just don’t break up.

    Stay together, grow old, and contradict yourselves about how you would never sing a song like that past the age of blah blah blah.

    Not one of your fans would care that you were going back on your plan.

    Oh contraire, we would all singly and in droves, rejoice.

    Don’t do it James, don’t do it Pat, don’t do it Nancy, don’t do it Tyler, David, Matt, Gavin, Al. Don’t do it.

    Who is going to fill the gaping void in music that you are leaving behind?

    It is like an ice cube tray you’ve created to make delicious cool wonderful treats, that has only been used 3 times. Why throw the tray away?

    And if you don’t break up, the scalpers lose.

    I miss you already, I have a ticket, I am flying in from far away.

    I want to buy another ticket so I can be beside myself the whole time.

    I want to buy another ticket so I can try and go twice.

    I don’t know what else to say.

    I pleaded in Toronto at Wrong bar with you Pat.

    Just don’t do it.

  • mike b

    Well put. I wish I could be there for any or all of these shows. You guys are my favorite live band of the past decade, and maybe of my entire life. Any chance of a performance in California between now and the end of March?

  • Ethan Van der Heide

    Hey guys,

    So I was one of the people who sat online in Chicago to get tickets and was only somewhat astonished by what happened. I sensed what had occurred, and immediately went for scalped tickets, but beat the completely insane prices to some extent. Anyway, even after paying the ridiculous prices I did, I love and admire that you guys are playing a few more shows at Terminal 5. You’re the greatest band and you’re going down in history. I only wish I could take the days off from work to attend all of the new shows too.


  • sam

    You rule. I plan on cutting down to two meals a day to save enough money to make it from Baltimore up to NYC for one of the shows. I’ve seen your band twice, and they both easily rank up there as two of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

    I know that you probably feel really shitty about the whole MSG situation, but you shouldn’t. I think you can go to sleep knowing that you give a shit – really caring about the people who live/die/fuck/sleep/sweat/bleed/dance to your music. And we all know you care, that you give a shit about us. Cause I guess in a way, we all look up to you in one way or another. And in a world where not many people give a shit about anybody, you should really be proud of yourself.

  • Daunn - South Africa

    I cannot believe that you guys are breaking up and we never even got the opportunity to see you in South Africa! How sad indeed…

  • Brian Gross

    James… and everyone:

    Thanks for all of the awesome music. seriously. SERIOUSLY!!!

    After EVERYONE went “ape-shit” about not getting tickets… I had to post this:

    “Here’s a (possible) hint for the future: I was able to score 3 separate single seat tickets, in different sections (100, 200 & 300) during the pre-sale, WELL over 45 minutes after it began. Everyone is/was trying to buy more than one ticket together (obviously you want to be sitting with your friends!)… which means you were going to get an instant “Sorry the tickets you requested are not available” message. ALWAYS go for a SINGLE seat ticket, if you really want to get a chance at a (potentially) sold-out show. Hope this helps… in the future.. :/

    Other tips: selecting “Best Available” tickets… doesn’t mean you are automatically going to get GA Pit tickets. You are going to get the “most expensive” tickets available though Ticketmaster. That usually means lower level reserved seats… depending on venue. So……… while you are entering CAPTCHA codes for those 4 (or 8) “Best Available” tickets, well…. the GA Floor section has just sold out. sorry.

    Well over 95% (give or take) of the people are buying “groups of tickets” (over 2 tickets). Were you one of these people? And… did you get tickets? Ticketmaster can process SALES faster than it can SEARCH for tickets. Ergo: SEARCHING for a block of 8 (or even 4) tickets takes exponentially longer than SELLING 8 single ticket sales, or 4 double ticket sales. Ticketmaster’s search engine will KILL you with MULTIPLE ticket searches. BEST advice… NEVER search for more than TWO tickets. And be glad when you it come through…
    (PS: fuck Ticketmaster!)

    The other thing that I noticed was the “8 Ticket Maximum” sales cap through Ticketmaster. SERIOUSLY? With an 8 ticket max. sale…. well… (let’s do the math: Ticketmaster can handle over 1000 “transactions” per minute. Well…. 1000 transactions, involving 8 tickets per transaction… equals MSG being sold out in under 3 minutes.

    8 tickets is/are ridiculous. Two… two tickets, at most would help slow this cluster-fuck down?

    That’s my “two cents”.

    Thanks James…. and the LCD Crew!

    April 2, 2011. BRING IT. AND BRING IT HARD!

  • frank b Right

    Are you kidding me you skipped fucking slc. I loved seeing hot chip.. which you guys produce.. but i wanted to see you.. please don’t go away without a farewall tour pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thanos

    Reading this emotional message, I couldn’t help but putting myself in your place. There are lots of examples of innocence being torn that way, the usual reply though is “It’s just business”, which means “lack of ethics”. The world is being tested on these grounds everyday.
    Your last paragraph about ethics and law, will stay always with me. It’s one of the most accurate observations of today’s reality.
    About ticket sale: The big European festivals do not allow anyone to buy more than 4-5 tickets, so they can avoid their tickets to be sold in the black market (it’s still not legal here) after sold-out. (black market=free market?). Only in the UK is legal, and they have the same problem there.

    Good luck guys, we’ll miss you!

  • will

    there is so much negativity in the world. there will always be. but the music. how you act. they speak for themselves. you’ve done well, sir. like Conan said: ‘If you work really, really hard, and you’re kind… Amazing things will happen to you.’

  • You guys are just the coolest. I was hoping to fly to NYC from South Africa for the show but since that’s so damn expensive I figured I’d think on it until Monday. Oh well, let’s hope I can get hold of one of these Terminal 5 tickets!

    And for the folks who thought this was some band retirement plan conspiracy: I think the folks making the insane mark-up here are the scalpers. Really now, would people who seem as cool as the band seems try to screw their fans over on their last show?

    Thanks for the extra dates!

  • This is why I love your band. That you worry about being sellouts. I’m kind of confused by when your band has ever sold out though. I’m lucky that I have a writing partner for songs because otherwise I think everything would kind of be an LCD rip-off.

    I remember when I was supposed to be able to see LCD at the Treasure Island Music Fest. but my own band had a show in Oakland at the same time. I even bought the extra day just to see you. Just figured a better tribute to you would be to try to become a better musician and songwriter myself. Oh well. Drunk Typing! Have a good last few shows. You shouldn’t have to deal with these scalpers. You guys deserve better than that.

  • Owen

    Hey, I went onto Stub Hub and bought a ticket at more then the face value, not too much more, but more then I wanted to spend.
    I think it was $200 for floor seats. and it looks now like that was a good price, compared to what the scalpers are charging now. I’ve never bought a scalped ticket before, and i only did it this time because I thought this was my last chance to see lcd. I think it’s great you are adding more shows to help the fans, but I’d like to say, I hope this doesn’t ruin the MSG show’s uniqueness. Are the Terminal 5 shows going to have the same guest appearance’s as the MSG show? I mean, should I try to go to one of those as well, I’d rather see you in a smaller venue, rather then MSG.
    And there is another thing I’d like to say, Ticketmaster can gargle my balls…….but LCD are a class act. James, you are the musician musicians should imitate.

  • amazingly moving text.
    so real people.
    we forget how musicians and celebrities can sometimes also be real people.
    was planning to come from paris-france + my mum from istanbul-turkey, but wasn’t able to have tickets. asked help from US friends, thought i didn’t got how it worked. didn’t know about the scalpers thing.
    will try to come to terminal 5…
    agree with benny : “you should just play at xxx’s every Friday for the rest of the year”. And come & see us in europe and elsewhere from time to time. zenith last october was amazing. what a voice you have !

  • Adam Hendy

    I love this post! It’s so nice ;) You guys are brilliant, and if I’m not able to make it over to the States for these last shows, then have an amzing time! I’ll be thinking of you and dancing around to my LCD CD’s like an idiot, in my bedroom ;) x

  • mike dillon

    I’m gonna take my power bill money and get a ticket to one of these shows. I used to screenprint your shirts at Tannisroot in Raleigh and my first “big job” was getting the silver glitter on your album print shirts to stick. It was a task but I was stoked I actually liked the band I was doing the “hard work” for. I’d like to add one more to the tree. I think you’ve always done things your own way and that’s amazing. Hope I’m there at Terminal 5. Either way, thanks for doing things on your own terms.

  • Martin Sloan

    What an honorable reaction. Other bands please note!!!!!
    Would so like to be there but unable to get there. Good luck in what you go on to do.

  • m

    my first reaction to this was ’shit, now i really need to get a us visa.’ if i had the money, i’d jump on a plane and go to all the terminal 5 shows. your music has brought me (us, really) so much joy. thank you!
    lots of love from bulgaria,

  • Dear James! Very good news for your real fans and excellent piece of text here. But euhm….if this Terminal 5 show is not going to be paperless, who can I in Amsterdam get a ticket and come over to NYC?

  • Faddy

    Hey James,
    You are awesome!! I had been thinking of nothing else but see in you guys for the last time in April. I am from London. I saw you at Glastonbury and for me, definailty the highlight of the festival! And saw you alongside MGMT in Alexandra Palace, wow, I truly danced myself clean that night!!!
    It’s been a weird few days, to say the least! Failed on the pre-sale and also major fail yesterday to get tickets. I as many fans were disappointed, not with you, but with the whole system!!
    I love that you took note of what happened and decided to do something about it.!!! And the message of you site is just perfect, at least for me.
    Although I won’t be able to see you play at Terminal 5 (midweek not good for me as no holiday time left for me to take with work!!), in theory I should be gutted but to tell the truth, I am not.,, I am so happy that I got to see you a few tines and you rocked!!!!
    Just promise you will keep making music in some way or form… I will be waiting to hear from you!!
    Also didi mention that you are the sexiest dude in a band, ever!!!
    Love ya.
    Faddy xxx

  • anish

    and this, james murphy confirms you are the coolest dude in the world.

  • lynchigh

    if you wernt threatening to disappear then this problem would not exist.
    if you were shit this problem would not exist

    ANSWER. become shit and keep gigging. simples

  • :::thanks for being sincere and for being so inspiring. im losing my edge with this ticket situation, especially the timing with such an epic final run of shows. but i’ll see you again at the Coachella 2016 reunion show. in the meantime, keep trying new shit and pushing the boundaries. And for us fans in echo park PLEASE DO A LIVE BROADCAST OF THE MSG SHOW!! you told our friends how it starts, now i guess your gonna show us how it ends:::

  • Loader

    Who’ll be my role model, now that my role model’s gone?


  • Mr. Drayton

    I love you James Murphy.

  • edubbs

    that was a moving message. you are a credit to musicians everywhere. what a clever and effective way to show that you care about your fans. hats off to you!

    never have i been so surprised and delighted by the solution to a horrific crime against music. You guys fuckin rock.

    i’ll be so glad to know i was there.

  • Wish you were doing final shows on the east and west coast. I mean, I really understand where your coming from james, But you do have a ridiculous amount of not-so-rich fans that want to see you in LA, and I’m not saying its not worth the effort to pay for a flight and go out to nyc to see you, im just saying, its not in alot of our budget to do so.

    That said, i wish you guys the most farewell ever, at all of your shows, we love you very much and wish to see you in the future sometime as we get older.

  • brian

    I just wanted to thank you, mr. murphy. You are a class act and it is refreshing to see a band go out of it’s way to look out for their fans so much. I, like many others, were f’d in the a by ticketmaster today, and it’s becoming all too familiar. more important than the scalpers is the fact that ticketmaster continually lets this happen time and time again. they need to be held accountable for their actions, though i don’t see that happening anytime soon. anyways, thanks for adding those shows.
    hopefully the show at msg won’t be the real last show. it rarely ever is :^p

  • Lisa

    I don’t claim to be a life long 9 year LCD fan but I saw you last year in Melbourne and you blew me away. This blows me away again and makes me wish I could see you again soon (didn’t get Bog Day Out tickets). Thank you for an incredibly well written letter, true to what I’m sure you feel. Good luck with the final shows, fuck the scalpers.

  • Lisa

    “big” day out. Quite the faux pa.

  • Ben-o

    i don’t understand the problem with stubhub. you say “fans” as if there is some form of authenticity associated with only an ability to pay a lower ticket price. i respond, in an open market for tickets, don’t your fans pay whatever they can to see your last show? a fan will do whatever he/she can to see the show. he/she loves you. for art, money is nothing, right. so those who can afford an expensive ticket are “lesser” fans than those who can only afford the decided upon given cost? we true fans will pay what we can, because we love your music. my love is nothing less than any other fan–except i will pay more for a ticket. i will sacrifice. the fact is, you price your tickets far below an actual market price (stubhub indicates what people are willing to pay to see your last show) and the real demand to see your show reveals itself outside the pitchfork presale/ticketmaster sale. it’s far more “bullshit” to have fans, who are willing to pay whatever they can to see you, get fucked out of their hard earned money, versus fans, that can only pay $50, see you without the same stress. and this comes from a poor grad student. and i think you’re awesome, by the way.

  • kate

    my favorite band…. i will pay but man o man you make it worth it!!!! cant wait- ban stubhub from the buy- real fans need a chance!!

  • Andy P


    My girlfriend and I are huge fans. We’re sad that this is the end of lcd, but wish you all the best for future projects. We’re also sorry that the MSG ticket sale experienced the problems it did. But I’m sure that anyone who is reasonable, who has an inkling of common sense and an understanding of what lcd stands for, realises that this is out of your control – you were trying to do something good, something special for a final goodbye. And despite all that’s happened in the past 24 hours we hope that the show on the 2nd April is a fitting swansong. We wish we could be there – we have been trying to arrange flights from the UK as we really wanted to be part of that goodbye. Thank you for the great music and the unforgettable memories – you’ve been a part of our lives and will be greatly missed. We can’t wait too see what you do next! The Terminal 5 shows are a great response to the scalpers – I hope everyone who goes has a great time, and that you do as well.

    Andy P

  • Hannah

    Can I just say this is amazing. I personally got MSG tkts way up stage left on Stub Hub for four of us and winced a little when I paid $192 for them. But I am sorry, I pay more for a basket of crap at Target often. I am not wealthy by any stretch. I am sorry the money won’t go to you. But I don’t blame you for the situation. I saw you at the Orpheum in Boston all by myself, a mom of two and 38, and was electrified and connected and joyful. That is why I didn’t twitter or freak or get mad, and just got my tickets in hand by 12pm yesterday. Didn’t feel entitled to them, but felt lucky to get them. Thank you for the music. I can’t even believe I’m commenting on a fan site but you have moved me to do it. Be kind to yourself today!

  • This letter shows me, a fan, that this band is composed of the exact type of people you’d always hoped it was. The integrity and modesty shown in your work, and this letter, are qualities often lacked by artists of your caliber. I hope that by some dumb luck or karmic intervention I can be at one of your last shows. This band means everything to me, and I’ve still yet to see you live, in person. I’ll be flying to New York. Even if I don’t get to see your show, know that I’ll be there.

  • Kaz

    Thank you LCD Soundsystem,

    I’m sad to see you go, happy with the music you gave us, thrilled the show sold-out (testament to the talent), disappointed to hear about the scalpers (bastards!), excited about the new shows (still hoping to go), proud to be a fan…Yr City’s a Sucker, My City’s a Creep.

  • fuckscalpers

    Love from France!
    Thanks for this. We’ll be there!!

  • TL

    1. Terminal 5 sucks.
    2. I had no problem obtaining the pitchfork presale tickets.
    3. A secondary market for tickets is not a big deal. If artists want to prevent it, start having your “REAL FANS” bid on your tickets. You’ll still see the same douchebag pricing.

  • [...] before the MSG show at the smaller Terminal 5 venue from March 28th to 31st.Be sure to read the lengthy, honest and entertaining blog post from Murphy about the whole situation:this here is just to say that we were more than taken aback [...]

  • JP

    BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK (well apart from people liberating themselves from 30 years of dictatorial rule in Egypt, but you know what I mean…)

    Now please please please, put in as many anti-sclaper measures as you can but dont make it impossible for people not in NY to get tickets!

  • Leemac

    I think part of the issue here is that LCD Soundsystem created something that touched a lot of people. Thier music actually means something. Reading what James wrote I get that same same passion that their music is infused with. It comes from a very real place, and that cant be faked.

    No matter what you do, you are never going to keep everyone happy. Its not a black and white world. You are doing what you can by adding the extra shows, rational people will understand that.

  • [...] James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem put scalpers on alert late Friday night when they posted a scathing “f*ck you” letter on their website. Within the letter, Murphy announced that more “farewell” shows have been added to the calendar, specifically four shows at Terminal 5 on March 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st, which will lead up to the final show at MSG on April 2nd. [...]

  • Fernand - Ottawa

    My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to see you 3 times in montreal over the years. I think it’s great you even tried with this whole tickets shenanigans. And yes, lcd succeeded in connecting with fans the way you said; each show felt like you were playing for just us. For what it’s worth, that’s what it was all about for me. We got to experience it; if we can get another crack in new york, great, but if not, still, success.

  • FUCKing right James.

    I’m coming to these shows. AND! I’m wearing white.
    Love from Scotland.


  • Judith

    I was one of the lucky fans to get tickets, I’m going to fly from Ireland, don’t have the money but I’ll get it somewhere!

    People keep telling me I should have bought extra tickets and scalped them to pay for the flights….but I just said it’s bad karma.

    I can’t wait, good man James…..

  • Matt Miller

    Thanks for the new shows, sounds like a road trip to NYC, if you get a chance put me down for a couple of tickets – I really don’t want to miss these shows.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Sir you are a man of legend.

  • k258

    This is why I love you, James Murphy.

    Talk to Trent Reznor about private ticketing. He did it successfully for for the last several tours.

  • Andy

    Welp, based on this post I’ve decided to listed to LCD for the first time ever, several years too late. Nothing I love more than a musician who appreciates his/her fans. Gonna buy a cd today without ever laying ears on it, and even if its not my thing, I’ll know its far from a waste.

  • well at least they got MSG for April 2 and not April 1, can you fucking imagine?

  • Amir

    I once saw James Murphy walking in Manhattan, while coincidentally listening to “New York I love you”, which was an amazing coincidence. I had recently moved here, had broken up with my girlfriend who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I knew few people, and things were a bit tough. I can’t really explain why that moment made me so happy, but the music took on more significance from that moment on. Two years after moving, things have picked up massively, and I was so looking forward to experiencing the music again now that this is my home. Not getting tickets was devastating.

    This restores my faith! Thank you!

  • Jordan Lawrence

    Never had the pleasure of seeing you guys live (Dallas isn’t exactly one of the places a lot of bands go through). Still, this is one of the many reasons why I love you guys. You actually give a shit about the experience. I only hope a soundboard recording is released of a few of these shows, produced by Mr. Murphy and Co. at DFA.

  • felix

    I don’t want you to think I’m not a fan of LCD and I’ve loved seeing you at shows and festivals around the country for years, but aren’t you just getting angry at others about your own mistake? Why didn’t you just limit the amount of tickets people could buy to one or two tickets, or “with ID”? Then we could all be paying reasonable prices to go to the show at an awesome venue. Bands do this all the time and it works. I’ve even been to MSG shows where they did this. You didn’t limit the ticket quantity to 2 tickets cause you were afraid supply would exceed demand, but when demand exceeded supply and your own fans were the victims, then its everybody else’s fault. It’s awesome that your mending the error, its an honest mistake, but it isn’t some guys fault who’s trying to make a buck that caused the issue. Just sayin’.

  • Ron Scalps

    Scalping isn’t a big deal! Neither is heckling little league games or drilling holes in bed pans.
    I will be in a Yankee jacket on the corner of 8 and 31. I’ll be the one that’s eight feet tall.

  • sam

    you added FOUR more shows to piss off a single group of idiots?

    you are far more dedicated than i originally thought, james. but you aren’t the only ones outraged by people making money off the real fans in misery.

    i’m recalling jack white using ebay auctions to sell some of his more prized third man records to the people who wanted them, not the “flippers” who made money off those people.

    and maybe this would have been an acceptable solution. instead of the lottery system in place, perhaps staggered mass auctions (scaled by how good the seats were) could have deflated any attempts at scalping the tickets. in this way, the people that wanted the tickets could get them (at the price they were willing to pay!), and not by some ridiculous captcha (the squiggly words to make sure you’re not a robot) hack.

    just know that many of us, at the very least, think you’re not a sellout. try not to get too pissed off by the ones that do.

    peace and love,


  • joel

    why don’t you just retire to vegas and have a permanent show there for 3 years like wayne newton…that way everyone can see you…

  • Matt G

    You guys are so great, I love you seriously dude I dont know any band that is so passionate about this. I have had bands break up on me, try to go to shows on their final tours etc. and it didn’t work, things like this happened buuuuut, they didnt do anything about it. You guys are amazing and ethical for doing this. Thanks man!

  • Aragorn

    We got tickets legit tickets to the MGS show! We got lucky, and got them in the pre-sale for $60 a pop. Please don’t hate us James, not everyone at the MGS show is a SOB!!!

  • Rusty

    Great letter. And sincerely thank you for adding the extra shows, especially adding them at a more intimate venue. I’ll definitely fly from the Chi to be at one of them, and hopefully I can get a reasonably priced ticket for the MSG show. New York here I come

  • James F.

    Thank you so much for adding more shows. I tried and failed both presale and regular sale to no avail, and sincerely angry that I didn’t go with my original plan to stand on line at the mercury lounge with the people to get actual tickets (avoiding the bullsht ticketmaster charges would have been a bonus.) I am almost happier that this happened. I didn’t want to pay some scalper an enormous amount to sit at a seat in the rafters in msg. I would rather be dancing like a fool on the floor. That is what seeing LCD Soundsystem is all about! Thanks again!

  • Owen

    james, I love the fact that you care about the fans, and I 100% agree these scalpers are scumbags, but I scored a scalped ticket, something I’m not proud of. I bought the ticket before I knew about the controversy. Now I am worried that the MSG show is going to be canceled, or half empty. If you are offering the Term 5 shows as exactly the same thing but in a more intimate setting, that sort of takes away the uniqueness and buzz around the MSG show. I am not trying to give you a-damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation, I’m just saying for those of us who did get a ticket at MSG shouldn’t be left with a last LCD@MSG show that isn’t as good as we had paid extra for.
    Btw, I hate the fact that I gave one of these shitbag scalpers my money.
    I’d also like to say that the scalpers are obviously to blame, but what about Ticketmaster? On the day of the presale, there was tickets on StubHub instantaneously. that means these scalpers had, or claimed to have, tickets before they were on sale? Some dudes had 50 floor seats for sale. Something is fishy, how did the stinky scalpers get the tickets so quickly? doesn’t ticketmaster have something in place to prevent this from happening? If not, then what exactly are the offering?
    I think ticketmaster is a seriously flawed company ethically and flawed business model, there has to be a better system.

  • Pierre-Olivier

    Thank you James,

    I’m planning to come to new york from montreal with my love for this =). Hopefully it all works out and we can get tickets and enjoy the “us” you mention again.

    We miss you all.

  • ace

    are these terminal 5 gigs going to be as large in scale as msg? for example, are they still going to have the choir and string sections? and the dress code? please say yes.

  • I read this long piece twice since it’s so nice…
    …And my English is bad.

  • Lindsay

    James, all i can say is thank you. i appreciate that you not only saw the problem but are trying your damnest to fix it. i have been fortunate enough to see LCD a bunch of times as well as some solo gigs and i was able to get a ticket on the presale but i certainly felt for those who have just as much love for the music you guys create and were shut out. i am so happy you were able to come up with something to not only give the fans another chance but to say fuck you to the scalpers. it is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to LCD but im quite ready for the party. i’ll see you on april 2nd Sir! look for me, i’ll be the one in black. cheers!

  • Brokers buy the tickets same way fans do. If fans ain’t getting tickets, it’s because they are not where they need to be when they need to be.

    PS- sold out is never sold out. Someplace like MSG releases all the crappy seats first, and once they are sold out and demand has built, they release better seats. You have a better chance of scoring front-row on day-of than you do on on-sale date.

    Don’t blame the brokers, blame the venues and TicketBastard for manipulating the amount of tickets available to maximize their profits.

  • Taral Doshi

    Speaking for Chicago and someone who saw you three times last year…one more show in Chicago please! Why does NY get to have all the fun? I know everyone here in Chicago is very jealous

  • colleen

    I am just excited that I may actually finally see a show before it’s over. I was sooo dissapointed when I couldn’t get msg tix but now I don’t feel so bad. I look forward to making one of your shows!!!!!

  • Bart

    James, Thank you. I am on the forum and seeing so many people there and elsewhere among your fanbase get screwed must have really stung for someone who gives a damn the way you do. I know you are quitting LCD because you want to keep it special, but losing an artist who actually cares is a true loss. Because I am traveling cross country to see the show and I can’t miss work I will still have to pay some scalper for MSG seats. That makes me ill. (I was on TM both times and had no luck). I wish I could go to Terminal to support this awesome move. Either way, I would not miss it for the world

  • kathryn v

    james, you are a proper man.


    “and made a very, very good coffee” Of course you did….. come to PDX after MSG …we’ll share another….

  • Disco Infiltrator

    James and band members, I adore your music. I adore your passion. I adore that you keep it real.

    I am attending the MDG gig. It will be my third and final time seeing you. Every time I’ve seen you I feel that relationship you describe in your letter. I feel like through your music I know you and you know me. We are speaking to each other’s souls. It’s AWESOME to know that you know that feeling. It makes it so much more real for me.

    The first time I saw LCD Soundsystem you played Electric Picnic in 2007. When you sang “New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down” I was nearly in tears. You’re voice is simply beautiful.

    While it is bittersweet for me to attend the MSG gig, I am on board to make it the best funeral ever!

    I love you and I look forward to hearing the music you and the band members will produce going forward.

    One love!

    P.S. Yes, I’m the Disco Infiltrator. It’s a nickname given to me by a dear friend. Please play that song at MSG. Please. (Also, Beat Connection. I need to hear that live before I die!)

  • DC

    I never really knew you guys until now. I can see that I missed something good. hopefully I can get tix to a term. 5 show and experience the hype. good stuff, thanks for the rant. Great music, must have had a bucket on my head

  • Dan McDonnell

    You rock James! Ima try and take me and my 5 yr old son to one of these shows, my son is your biggest fan (next to me) he deserves to see the LCD in his lifetime…

  • it’s too bad terminal 5 sucks ass in every way possible. I’d rather see you guys on TV then experience that hollow aircraft hangar.

  • Jenny from New Jersey

    I love you, I love you, I love you! I cannot express in words how grateful I am for these extra shows. I saw you guys at Terminal 5 last year and it was an experience that, at some level, changed the way I look at things. No really, it was beautiful. At the end of the night I found myself singing along and hugging a hipster, a complete stranger, and on the verge of tears during Someone Great. You guys are the embodiment of what the music industry is supposed to be about, the relationship between the artist and the fans.

  • Jj

    But what about the people that did get tickets to MSG, I got a couple 400 section tickets Wednesday, it seems like that show will now be overshadowed by the others. I guess i just hope the MSG show still kicks as much ass as it was originally supposed to.
    If everyone sticks to boycotting the scalpers, which I’m hoping happens, the MSG show could be effectively cancelled, right?

  • Droot Scoot

    Of course the Hollywood Bowl didn’t sell out…cuz it wasn’t touted as THE LAST SHOW EVAH.

  • Luiza

    great to see that respect and sincerity with the fans!
    I wish every band was like that!Most of the musicians are only interested in HOW MANY people are going to the concert,in NUMBERS!It’s wonderful to see someone caring about WHO is gonna be there,if all the REAL FANS will be able to at least say goodbye to this AMAZING BAND,AMAZING PEOPLE!
    I wish I was able to do that too!
    Wish you could come to BRAZIL!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • We met in Cleveland years ago, and you’ve not been back since (*sad mac face)
    but, I’m happy to see you’re trying what you can to help those of us willing to commute a distance to see you one last time (since you’re not coming to CLE anytime soon)

    Love you guys. Hope to not get fucked over/locked-out by scalpers…again

  • BoulderEagle

    What an amazing clusterf***. I can’t go, but my son in college was hoping to make it.

    Hats off to James and LCD for taking a horrible situation and turning it around for his fans. Always knew he had integrity.

    When’s the reunion tour start?

  • Tip

    So sad this band with so much love and energy will not be playing anymore. Glad I was so lucky last year to experience everything.

  • carniemel

    Yeah!!!! i tried so hard to get a ticket…… couldnt figure out how the hell that happen, had to go back to work then out so when i got home late last night i just went to see what had happen and if we all had any chances for this amazing show! my plans are to fly from cali get a hotel and get a ticket for every night!!! i love you guys you are the best!!!

  • aaron

    thank you so much for printing what I’ve been ranting since Wednesday! Like so many others, i got shut out on Wednesday and Friday, and I actually considered paying $140 for a nosebleed seat just to get in the building. thankfully I literally JUST found an amazing friend this morning who was able to get tickets on presale and gave me one. I’ll be flying in from Chicago for my 4th and (sadly) final LCD show.

    James, you and your band of friends are amazing and have been an inspiration to thousands and thousands of fans around the world. You will be missed, but at least I know we can hang out whenever I put on my headphones. Can’t wait to bid you farewell…

  • jason


  • jz

    Hey guys,

    You’re music has changed my life. If more people lived their lives like james and lcd, the world would be a better place. sorry if thats too cheezy but thats the way i see it.


  • josh

    back in the day, nin used a system where every 2 tickets were associated with a name at purchase and they checked id for that name against the ticket at the door. this seemed like a pretty good way of stopping scalpers.

  • Sean

    That’s awesome you guys added the shows. I was going to fly from Chicago to see the show for my bday (3/31), but got fucked when it sold out in no time.

    However, the added shows being in the middle of the week precludes me from being able to go then :(

    I’m sorry what happened, but I’m glad you did something about it.

    Much Love,

    PS: I saw you at Pitchfork Music fest this year. Super fun amazing show

  • Evan True Fan Shervo

    We love you James, and David, Nancy, Tyler, Pat, Phil, Phil, Matt, Gavin, JD, Al. You’ve done nothing but great for us. And personally seeing you play is as good as it gets. See you soon friends.

  • GMS

    You guys aren’t pieces of shit. It’s awful that “fans” would say that! It’s ticketmaster who should be doing more to prevent this kind of shit, but why would they want to suddenly STOP sucking after all these year? *fistbumps Eddie Vedder*

    Maybe sell the T5 tickets in small batches? Two for my birthday, please! :)

  • Melvin

    please, please, PLEASE stream or release a DVD of the msg show! James, your genuineness and authenticity mean so much to me. Your lyrics always have and will continue to be a great source of inspiration; profoundly relevant and formative to the person that I am today. thanks guys, for being something great. you will leave a void in your wake, and many truly appreciative fans who could never thank you all enough.

  • mooshiko

    I remember first hearing Losing my Edge 9 years ago, and thinking.. “Wow, this guy knows what the fuck is up.” … Reading the above, I realize.. “Wow, this guy guy hasn’t lost sight of what the fuck is up.” …And, sincerely, James.. thank you for calling it quits. I caught you guys here in Houston, just before SXSW over in Austin, and that’ll be it for me and LCD. It’s been a pleasure, man. … Think I’ll sleep half the day, before catching Woolfy tonight here in Hustle-town. The next time you see Jacques, tell him I love him. lol

  • Eli

    Wish me and my gf lived in NYC, I was going through some massive health issues when you came to Portland back in the summer,and missed my chance to see you. So sad to see that you’ll never be touring again.

  • [...] (Update:) In a post on his website late Friday afternoon, James Murphy announced LCD Soundsystem will play four shows at NYC venue Terminal 5 leading up to the Madison Square Garden gig. The dates are March 28-31. You can read the release, as well as a long letter from Murphy addressing the entire situation, here. [...]

  • Ben Harrington

    I’m very proud of the way you are handling the whole thing, and I don’t just mean the msg show, but LCD Soundsystem. If you guys made another record as LCD this would be the norm for you, and instead of a heartfelt letter on your website you’d have to hire a PR firm to keep your sanity. The true fans will be there with you for your next project, you’ll still be able to play all the great clubs around the world and connect with the fans as friends instead of surrounded by security, and if you feel like it you can play an lcd song or two and make em happy. Just ask Robert Pollard, sometimes a name can be a big weight. (Not that GBV ever got to play MSG.)

  • Brandon Maldonado

    Dear James Murphy,
    I respect the fuck out of you. I wish all musicians showed the dedication and love for their fans like you do. Although I won’t be able to make it to your shows since I live in Chicago, I’m still excited for all the fans that will get to see one last LCD Soundsystem performance. I saw you back in October and you put on one hell of a fucking show. I just want to let you know (even though you already do) that your music makes everyone so happy. It’s going to be a sad world without you guys still playing but you left one hell of a mark on indie music. Fuck those scalping bastards and never stop being a badass man. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet you in person and thank you for making such fucking awesome music.

  • Nicole

    Love you James Murphy, somehow my friend snagged 8 tix on presale to MSG and we’re flying from L.A. for the penultimate dance party, can’t wait!

  • why cant ticketmaster make it so that all tickets are non-transferable and 100% refundable? you buy a ticket and you cant make the show, you get your money back. that keeps the tickets in the hands of the fans and makes it almost impossible for scalpers to resell.

  • Conor Dunn

    James Murphy, you might just be the best ever… im going to at least two of these terminal 5 shows. I was crushed when this msg fiasco occured and I mean alot that you care about us enough to do this. Thanks

  • Nick C.

    Excellent. Now I get to see Liquid Liquid at the Garden and suggest that in a similar vein, BUSH TETRAS and SUICIDE open some of the T5 shows!

  • [...] pissed about it. Murphey went on a heartfelt, and a little bit hilarious rant in this post. In a valiant effort to thwart the rapacious deeds of these scalpers LCD has announced a run of [...]

  • Jen

    Props, scalpers are seriously sub-human pond-scum. And more people need to realise that people in bands are still just normal people too. There’s only so much you guys can do, and it seems you’re doing just about all of it. You want to end with a last home NYC run, because that’s how you want to do it? Fair play. No farewell tour would ever satisfy everyone, too many people would be wishing you to go to their town however obscure it is, not being able to appreciate whatever chances they have already had (whether taken or not)to catch you.
    I can’t have enough respect for you wanting to end it on the terms you want, while doing all you can for your fans within that. [For full disclosure, I live in the UK and have no hope of attending the shows, but I'll deal with that]

    Enjoy the end. x

  • James,

    Best wishes to you and LCD in your final shows. I applaud you for fighting capitalism with anti-capitalism. Truly inspired. Looking forward to your next project.

  • karina

    I respect the concern for the fans…thank you…seriuosly…your message sounds honest and although I still have not found tickets, even with the terminal 5 shows added….I will go…because you are great, real, and I love your music. Thank you for all these years of great, great- great- beats.

  • Reinhardt Schuhmann

    Really great idea with the electronic ticket plan. I have, however, run into one major snag.

    Turns out I can’t make it to the Terminal 5 show on March 28th. Really sorry I’m not able to come. After I got over that I decided it would be best to give my tickets to a friend.

    Turns out I can’t do that. Really lame. Now 2 less people get to enjoy the show and I’m out $100 for nothing at all.

    Any help with this would be most appreciated. I’m willing to do anything short of show up at the show (as I said can’t make it) to ensure my friend can use these tickets.

  • Nate

    As a ‘proper’ fan, I will be attending this final show. Thanks to a scalper. Well, not really a scalper, but a guy who bought 4 tickets and needed to sell 2 of them. I paid him $225 per ticket, which was a mutually agreed price, and not far off from what scalpers were selling them for.

    You must realize these tickets will have a market price and ultimately you created the scalpers market by the way and price you put together this show. Whoever was in charge of pricing and selling these tickets totally fucked it up. And the scalpers capitalized on your mistake. It’s ironic that the bands who hate ’scalpers’ perfectly set up an environment for them to thrive. Essentially, you are worth more than you think you are. There are WAY more than 13,000 ‘proper’ fans of you. Scalpers knew this. You didn’t.

    If your goal is to only have the ‘proper’ fans as you say, then charge your lowly $43 a ticket and let people line up outside of MSG on the day of the show. I promise they will be the biggest fans. When they pay $43, they will have to go into the garden. That will completely eliminate the evil scalper. But, since that’s more work and costly for you, you will not do that. Are you greedy because of that? No, you are simply doing what is best for are the scalpers.

    To limit the reselling of tickets at any price is limiting freedom of individuals to make choices for themselves. Most events market value of tickets is less than the face value.. it’s the rare instances such as this event when the public will pay more than what the band set their prices at to attend. Don’t punish those such as myself who don’t have time to keep up and be online at exactly 10:00am on whatever morning tickets for every concert I want to go to goes on sale. And, don’t punish those who buy 4 tickets to your show, and find out 2 weeks before they can’t go, and a band or venue make it impossible for them to sell their tickets quickly to someone else.

    Scalpers test the market BEFORE tickets even go on sale. So, before you even put tickets on sale, they were already listing tickets to see how many hits and purchases came in…which told them whether or not it was a profitable concert for them to buy tickets to. If you put a similar system in place, it would eliminate their market and fans would put the $ they are going to spend anyways into your pocket rather than scalpers. And, if you feel that price they are paying is too high, you can refund any $ you would like directly to those who attended your show.

  • [...] kuriuos išgrobstė perpardavinėtojai. Ir kaip jis save ramino vos tik tai sužinojęs – “i kind of sat in my house, trying not to worry for 20 minutes, and made a very, very good cof…. Tą ir aš darau savo lėtais savaitgaliais. Ir tada, atrodo, suprantu, kad LCD kūryba buvo [...]

  • Tim

    God fucking dammit MSG last night was fucking rad. You motherfuckers burned it down to the ground!

  • [...] $1500 through different outlets. After a statement from James Murphy on LCD’s website entitled “F**k you scalpers, Terminal 5 shows added” it was apparent that this one last blowout was going to be a more drawn out process, with a [...]

  • [...] and on the other, Ticketmaster, whose system is seen as catering to the needs of scalpers. The most recent and loudest example of this would have to be the sale of tickets for LCD Soundsystem’s final show at Madison [...]

  • [...] Also, if you haven’t read his rant about how scalpers got a hold of a lot of that show’s tickets, definitely read that during snax-time: [...]

  • I’ve never had more respect for a band and a front man than I have for you at this moment after reading your post (even if it is almost 4 months old). You’re the rule, Murph. Sorry to see you go.

    -Dr. P

  • [...] up all the tickets to the LCD Soundsystem show at Madison Square Garden, so James Murphy wrote this on his blog: we’ve come up with the best solution i can think of, as quickly as possible so as [...]

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