standing in front of people doing things loudly

2016 Tour dates coming soon


band humans:
james murphy, pat mahoney, tyler pope, nancy whang, matthew thornley, al doyle, gavin r. russom, david scott stone, phil mossman, j.d. mark, & phil skarich.

booking in the north america:
marc geiger william morris agency
samantha kirby yoh

booking ex-n.a.:
david levy william morris agency

phone: 212 343 0740 fax: 212 343 0630
address: 110 greene st. suite 605
new york, NY 10012

bonnarooish about it.

we, as a live unit ensemble, are playing bonnaroo in june of the year of our lord 2010, and starting right now, like, literally, right this second, you can get your hands on some filthy tickets…. and enjoy the comedy tent with us. maybe aziz ansari will be there or something. wouldn’t that be awesome? you could be like “RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!” to him when he’s just hanging out after being funny on front of people, and he’d be like, “i hope they know that’s not who i actually am… that it’s a character…” and you could just yell “THIS guy knows what i’m talking about!!” and wave and walk away, and he’d just never know if you were serious or not.

oh shit, here’s their lame animated gif flyer:

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2 comments to bonnarooish about it.

  • cowherd

    i’ll throw the biggest free concert in san francisco if you promise to play it.
    or, maybe you all could play hardly strictly bluegrass this year it’s in august/september in golden gate park. some millionaire guy puts it on for the past ten? years for free. it’s the best. 2009 highlight was john prine. couple years back gogol bordello played, so i’m sure lcd could get as wild as they want. you could throw some banjo in there just to acknowledge the setting.
    if ya’ll are down = i’ll make it happen.

  • Caught you guys @ Coachella the year RATM reunited. Been a huge fan ever since. I go to Bonnaroo every year and have felt like it would be the perfect venue for your guys obscenely fun show! Glad to see you will finally be there!

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