is this the worst website ever? i kind of love how shit it is, but is that just me? i mean, i see other bands’ slick websites and i think “these guys don’t do this themselves!” i mean, i often know them, and i KNOW they don’t do it themselves–it’s almost INSANE to think they’d do it themselves, but still… i LIKE that i do it myself. with sonya—don’t get me wrong. i don’t know SHIT about html or whatever, and sonya koshuta does all that here, but as far as content goes, it’s like–me, being an idiot, typing crap in a little box on something called “dashboard”. this is in the “QuickPress” section. anyway, i like that it’s crap. that works for me. i wish, however, that it was easier for me to make crap ON it. maybe i’ll focus a little and add some stuff more often. it seems like everyone just looks at facebook anyway, and that if i want anyone to see this i’d have to post it to facebook, or maybe tweet it or something.

i was considering shutting both the twitter and the LCD facebook page down, but that seems lazy. maybe it’ll be fun to post recipes, or christmas cards, or golf scores or whatever retired people do. anyone wanna look at pictures of my grandkids?