but it’s basically because, well, how many times and in how many ways can one say “i am still in the studio 14 hours a day and it’s going great but i was hoping someone could jump in a cab and run me over when i’m on the way to the deli”? it’s a valid question, i think. but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re slacking here at LCD headquarters, wasting our time on lyrics and mixes and crap like that, when we could totally be tweeting, or whatever.
so, in an effort to make humans feel better, here is a lovely picture of an pretty animal which, though not very big, will totally kill you. ladies and gentledudes, i give you the blue ringed octopus:

also, as someone pointed out recently on facebook, we have significantly fewer fans than a pickle (i personally, am a fan of said pickle… great songs) or a dog in a tin foil hat. but lets see THEM put on a tour, is what i say. they will totally use in-ears and laptops. i KNOW it.

signing off, with significantly less of a “mind”, whilst mixes run of a new song that i insanely decided was necessary to write and record a week before mastering….