i can’t imagine this comes as a shock to everyone, since we’re making a record, which is well documented, and i’ve talked pretty openly about going on tour, but we’re going on tour. there’s a button at the top here that says “gigs” that you can click on, as well as a section to the left called “standing in front of people doing things loudly”. they’re the same thing, really. that has gig information. BEFORE YOU GET MAD AND ASK WHY THERE’S NO GIG IN YOUR TOWN OR HOUSE, please realize (realise, for you uk people) that we’re going on tour for a LONG TIME, in a lot of places, around the planet, for longer in support of this one record than the beatles ever toured in total, and we’ll likely be close to you at some point. i hope that clears some of that up?

we’re excited, and want this to be the best tour ever. hope we see some of you out.